Are Bow Ties Attractive? (7 Facts)

Do you have a bow tie in your wardrobe and looking at wearing it soon? Or perhaps wanting to find out if it will work for you for your next function or event? Then please read on.

Here Is Why In Some Settings Bow Ties Are Attractive:

Bow Ties are attractive in certain circumstances and are loved by millions of people in the world for their design and flair. They are normally worn at:

Weddings, Church, Events, Dates

In this article we will go over why bow ties are attractive for you and are attractive to others in the community. So let’s find out!

Are bow ties attractive?

Attractiveness of bow ties is subjective. Depending on who do you ask, the answers can dramatically differ.

Some people will fall in love with you wearing a bow tie matched with a nice outfit.

This accessory is oftentimes associated with friendliness and open-mindedness.

You send a message of kindness and positive intentions to everybody around by wearing a bow tie. This can help you easily join a group of people at an event and earn the trust of a girl on the first date.

Some people will not consider you attractive if you wear a bow tie, either because they consider this accessory outdated, not serious, or silly.

The attractiveness of a bow tie heavily depends on what clothes you match it with.

For example, if you match a black bow tie with a classy black tuxedo and a white pocket handkerchief, be sure to leave women speechless.

On the other hand, a bow tie worn on a high school sweater will make you look like a boring and a tasteless nerd. You will be a laughing stock of girls.

Do Girls Prefer Bow Ties Or Ties?

Given that each woman has her own fashion preferences, it’s hard to say which accessory they prefer.

Some girls would like you to wear a tie on a date, because it turns the date into a super formal and special event.

Others prefer ties because they provide a statement of masculinity and seriousness, rather than the bow tie that has something playful in it.

Another reason many women would opt for a tie is its stylish look. In a formal event, a necktie complementing a white shirt will significantly increase its fashion appeal, making the outfit more eye-pleasing, inviting and sober.

However masculine a tie is, some girls will still prefer a guy with a bow tie. Not every man has the courage to wear a bow tie.

So if you do, you have the chance to attract more women eyes and be considered bold, independent and open-minded.

Some women may get bored by seeing so many ties around, so they will look for something outstanding and different, such as a fancy bow tie.

To be noted, though, it’s not the outfit alone that makes a girl fall in love with you. So wearing a tie or a bow tie won’t do much, if the girl is not attracted to your physical appearance and personality.

Why do bow ties look good?

If matched with a proper outfit, bow ties look amazing. The reason why they look good is probably hidden in the way people perceive beauty.

Its perfectly symmetrical shape can be one of the explanations people go crazy when seeing this accessory.

Bow ties have been a fashion staple for centuries.

They are so small, but tell so much about the wearer’s style and personality. This tiny accessory comes to spice up an outfit and acquires a fashion value only when combined with clothes.

Just like a pocket handkerchief adds more style and life to a tuxedo.

You can’t say the handkerchief is fashionable as a separate accessory. It becomes such only when you place it in the pocket of your classy suit.

The same happens with a bow tie that acts as a touch-up for your plain outfit.

If the outfit looks good, the bow tie will automatically do the same. Make sure to use colourful and bold patterns on your bow tie to increase its impact on the whole outfit.

What percentage of men wear bow ties?

Nowadays you don’t see a lot of bow ties-wearers on the street or in any other public setting.

Bow ties have been replaced by ties over the years as the main formal menswear accessory. It may have to do with more masculinity and power that ties exude.

There are few men who will take the risk to add a bow tie to their accessory.

Although those that do have a lot to win. Either because it’s out of fashion, silly-looking or exuding weakness, the overall percentage of those wearing this accessory does is quiet low.

You will see a higher percentage of people wearing a bow tie in specific settings.

These include church, college (worn by teachers) and select banquets. There are also many weddings where guests and groom wear bow ties rather than ties.

Wearing a bow tie at a wedding helps express your personality and stand out from the crowd. You make sure to steal the show and make your wedding an event to remember.

Here is a good article on important venues you can wear a bow tie.

Ties are solemn and sober and good-looking, but they may deprive you the opportunity to impress.

Are bow ties outdated?

While bow ties have been used by a lower number of people in the recent years, it can’t be said they are outdated.

They are still worn by people who have a bolder outlook on fashion. After all, it takes courage to wear a bow tie in a world dominated by tie-wearers.

The result can range from being called a fashion failure to being called a fashion genius. It all depends on which outfit you match your neckwear with.

Saying that bow ties have gone out of fashion is completely wrong.

This accessory can make you even more stylish-looking if matched with the right clothes and worn in an appropriate setting (wearing a bow tie in the gym will make you highly awkward and funny).

The bow tie can provide that little touch-up needed to make your attire more edgy and spicy, or on the contrary, calmer and softer.

On top of that, if you wear a bow tie, most people will consider you as having a special style, a distinct fashion taste that is similar to nobody else’s.

This will help you stand out from the crowd oversaturated with tie-wearers.

To impress even more, you can choose a bow tie with a funny pattern or a personalized pattern that defines you.

You are free to choose the colours and the shape to your liking and make sure you get in the spotlight. With ties, it’s harder to go creative.

What does a bow tie say about a man?

While a bow tie creates a first impression of softness, it can say a lot more about the person who wears it.

Wearing a bow tie makes you look self-confident and fearless in challenging the trends.

You make a statement about your free spirit and boundless creativity in choosing outfits.

You clearly state that you are not afraid of moving against the flow and being criticized by those who stick to conventional dress codes.

A bow tie tells much about your openness and desire to engage in informal conversations and new friendships. You tell people you don’t want to exert authority and be the boss in the room.

This makes people more willing to approach you and open to you, than if you worn a black tie. This can work well on a date. Your bow tie will help reduce the tension between you and your partner and make awkward silence gaps less likely to happen.

This lovely accessory will make the girl perceive you as kind, open-minded and trustworthy, and she will definitely tell you her story. However, keep in mind that some girls prefer ties, as they are more masculine and formal.

A bow tie can also say negative stuff about the one who wears it. For example, it can point to his awful fashion taste. If you fail to match the accessory with the right clothes, you may turn into a laughing stock.

After all, who considers a guy who wears a bow tie on a nerdy sweater or shirt stylish? That being said, a bow tie is like fire that can both keep you warm and cause you skin burns. It depends on you what service your bow tie will provide to you.

Do straight guys wear bow ties?

Of course they do. Bow tie has been wrongly considered an accessory of weak and soft men in the modern times given its non-masculine appearance.

Indeed, by wearing a bow tie, you will hardly render a message of power and authority, as it mostly calls on peace and friendship.

But does mens fashion mean only masculinity and power? We strongly doubt it. You can be stylish by wearing shirts, pants and accessories that don’t associate with a brutal man holding an axe in one hand and a beer in other.

Mens fashion has evolved in the recent decade from highly pragmatic and neutral clothes to refined and vibrantly colored garments with fancy prints and bold shapes.

Now, you can easily wear yellow, beige, red and even pink clothes or accessories, without being blamed for dressing like a woman.

So why should people blame you for wearing a bow tie? No, a bow tie doesn’t make a straight guy less straight. It’s just a cute accessory that makes you look more friendly and open to frank discussions with new people.

Moreover, in a world abounding in tie-wearers, you have to have the guts to wear a bow tie. So it even makes you courageous in the eyes of other people.

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