Easy Ways To Clean Kangol Hats (Different Fabrics)

Kangol hats are a extremely popular brand of hats that are worn by celebrities including Robert Downy Jnr, because of their trendy styles including flat caps and bucket hats. If you own one, what is the best way to clean it?

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Clean A Kangol Hat:

Kangol hats are made in different styles and are made in different fabrics including cotton, polyester and wool. Each fabric needs different care when it comes to cleaning.

All wool fabrics that Kangol hats are made from need to be hand washed and not placed in the washing machine or dryer for washing.

Polyester Kangol hats can be placed in a warm wash cycle for cleaning.

White coloured Kangol hats can be washed with the lemon juice method or by detergent method.

Below we have the exact cleaning methods for all 3 types of fabrics to guide you on how to care for your kangol hat and keep it clean. Thanks for reading.

Ways To Clean A Kangol Bucket Hat

Step 1: Scrub the stains from the hat’s lining. If your hat has a lining, scrub it with a cleaning brush or toothbrush to remove as much of the stains from the lining from within and around the seams. If you have only one stain on your hat, you won’t have such a hard time getting it out since there is no inner lining for bacteria to hide away and fester.

Step 2: Apply mild liquid detergent to your tap water before washing your hat to deodorize and disinfect the inside of your new bucket hat. Use only natural detergents such as homemade bar soap, laundry soap, or dishwashing liquid. Though these detergents may not be as effective as commercial cleaning products, they will do a fine job removing most stains and odors.

Step 3: Remove your hat’s lining before washing it in the washer. The lining is sure to shed a lot of fuzzes and lint during the washing process, plus it will slow down the drying time, which is likely to cause mildew to grow inside your hat.

If you do not have a bucket hat with a lining, you can still clean your hat by doing the steps above but only with milder detergents such as shampoo or baby soap.

After you have finished cleaning your hat, make sure that you dry it as soon as possible to eliminate any chance of mildew. You can dry it in the sun. A few hours of sun and air drying should do the trick.

If your hat is made from wool, then there is a possibility that the smell will never leave after being washed in water. You will have to try repeating these steps a few times before seeing results.

Ways To Clean A Bermuda Bucket Hat

1) Wash it with soap and water to remove dirt and sweat from its fabric before laying it out to dry completely in the shade.

2) Pour a bottle of olive oil over the hat and let it soak in there for a few hours or overnight if you have time. The oil will help to keep the hat’s fabric moisturized and will also help you to remove stains from the fabric without having to scrub easily

3) You can use baby shampoo to clean the hat (don’t put it in the washing machine!). Then, allow it to air dry. When using a sponge, be careful not to agitate your hat too much when removing water from its surface.

4) As mentioned above, vinegar is great for removing paint and other materials stains. Just dip a cotton ball into vinegar and rub it all over areas that need cleaning. When done, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

5) For particularly difficult to remove stains, you may want to try using a mixture of baking soda and water. Baking soda is pretty abrasive, so use a gentle hand when rubbing it into your hat. Then, remove the baking soda by wiping it off with a wet cloth.

6) Rubbing alcohol is also well known for removing stains from fabric. Just pour some on the hat and rub gently (again, don’t be too aggressive, or you could damage the fabric). If the stain still doesn’t come off completely, leave it on for about 20 minutes before wiping it clean with water.

7) For tough stains that won’t budge after trying all these methods, you can try using a diluted mixture of laundry detergent and water. Just take a sponge or cloth and dip it in the solution, then rub your hat with it. If the stain remains, repeat this until all the dirt comes onto the rag or cloth. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub away any remaining substance from the fabric

8) The best and fastest way to remove a stain is to paint over it with nail polish. As long as you are careful, you shouldn’t have problems getting rid of significant stains like grease or dirt on your hat.

Ways To Clean A Polyester Kangol Hat

Choose the right cleaning method. There are many different ways to wash a Kangol hat, but here’s how to effectively clean it: Take a warm-water wash cycle with no additives and leave your cap in an open place to dry for as long as possible without over-drying it.

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt. Use natural bristles and sturdy, wooden hair brushes. Brush your cap once, then twice. If you have a hat with a sweatband, you can use soap to clean it more effectively.

Start with the inside. Use soft water and gentle detergent, like Woolite. Other detergents, even baby shampoo, and liquid fabric softener pills can cause discoloration in the hat fabric if you wash it too much or too often — or let it sit in the sun (not recommended).

Let the hat dry naturally. Allowing the hat to air dry on sunny day will make it feel fresher and bake out the acrylic coating in the process.

Use cool water on delicate cycles. If you use warm wash water, your Kangol hat may shrink, which is not what caps are supposed to do–unless they are fitted baseball caps.

Let it air dry overnight. Do this for at least six hours to get all of that water out, but no longer than twelve hours so that the acrylic coating doesn’t begin to deteriorate from over-drying.

Ways To Clean A Wool Kangol Hat

1. Place the hat on a flat surface and pour a small amount of undiluted white vinegar into the seam of the cap. Let it work overnight or for at least 12 hours – this will neutralize odors and bacteria that might have built up over time!

If that doesn’t help, try applying some baking soda to remove odor-causing molecules from the wool fibers before pouring more vigorous treatments like vinegar into holes in the crown or banding area.

2. If there is a stain or odor that cannot be removed, then lightly mist the surface of the wool hat with vinegar or white vinegar and let it sit overnight.

That will also kill bacteria that may have accumulated on your hat over time. You may have to repeat this process a few times to eliminate the odor of sweat, mold, mildew, or whatever else you have been straining your hat with.

3. Wash your hat only when necessary.

4. Always wash your hat by hand to avoid wear and tear on the wool! Do not machine-wash or put in the dryer, as this can create irreversible damage to the fabric of your hat.

5. If you let it air-dry, you may end up with large noticeable lumps of fluff (and maybe a few leaves) caught in the seams of your new hat – don’t be alarmed. Remove them with scissors or gently brush them off into a trashcan. The edges will remain soft and wrinkle-free – just not sure what you have done to it!

Ways To Clean A White-Colored Kangol Hat

One way to clean a white-colored Kangol hat is by using lemon juice if you don’t want to use bleach. Follow these instructions, and your hat will look brand new!

Cleaning a white Kangol is challenging because it needs harsh treatment to eliminate stains or whiteness. One way around this problem is by using: bleach, ammonia, and water which is a harsh way of cleaning and we don’t recommend it.

You can use other methods to clean a white-colored Kangol hat, and it does not involve bleach or lemon juice. You can, for example, use detergent or baking soda to remove stains from the helm. Although these methods do a good job cleaning, they will not turn your white Kangol black.

1) Clean Your White Kangol Hat Using Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another way to clean a white-colored Kangol hat without using bleach or ammonia, which could damage your helmet.

First, you need to heat a pot containing lemon juice and water. Once the pot is hot, put it in your white Kangol hat. Leave the hat in the mixture for 15 minutes, then wash it off with a soft cloth.

To ensure that your white Kangol hat will not get any stains or discolors, avoid putting them in sunlight or leaving them near heat sources such as a fire or a heater. Only use lemon juice after rinsing it with cold water to avoid discoloring your helmet.

2) Detergent To Clean Your White Kangol Hat

Another way to clean the helmet is by using detergent and warm water. First, soak your white Kangol hat in lukewarm water until it is noticeably wet. Next, put detergent in the water and gently rub it onto the hat. After about 5 minutes, rinse off your white Kangol hat and let it dry.

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