5 Reasons Why Knickers Have Bows (Explained)

Whether you are buying your knickers from a local shop or from a popular brand, one thing that you will notice is – a bow in the front. Yes, that little bow at the top on the front of the knickers is always there. But have you ever wondered why?

Here Is Why Knickers Do Have Bows:

Bows on knickers have a past and there is a reason for it. The main reasons are
In the old days the bow was used as a elastic to hold the knickers in place
The bow is considered feminine
Has a Innocent look to the garment
Is a way of knowing which way is the front of the knickers (if in the dark)
The male gaze

Below we will discuss the past and present ways bows are used so you know all the reasons why, as it is always good to know the reasons why bows are there, and it is not just for looks.

Why Knickers Have Bows:

Pre-Elastic Days

Knickers are not a modern piece of your undergarment. These panties can be dated back to the period of Renaissance. The main reason behind wearing panties back then was cleanliness and hygiene.

Besides that, these knickers can also protect the women from cold and save them from embarrassment. The embarrassment when they fall off from the horse or something. In that era, elastic was not there as it was not invented. So, how can the panties be in its place?

The bow served a practical purpose in that pre-elastic era. Even male underwear too had this bow in the front. The bow was mainly used to secure the underwear in its place and prevent falling down. But it was not the only reason why bows were used back then.

During the Renaissance period, there were no electricity and women used to get dressed in candlelight. Having the bow in the front can help them to find out the front of the panties easily and conveniently.


Why bows represent femininity?

Nowadays, even after elastic is invented and used in the knickers, the bow remains. This is because of the trend and also because it is feminine and cute. Women like when their underwear pieces have a feminine touch to it. This evokes chicness and innocence. While women knickers still come with a bow just as a decorative element, the male underwear doesn’t have that.

Following the same trend of the pre-elastic period, the knickers companies still use the same small bow right in front of the underwear piece. This bow, these days, serves as a connotation for femininity and elegance.

It also looks quite good making it aesthetically pleasing for your appearance. In some of the countries, the bows are added to the knickers to represent a good quality piece. It is also used for hiding any slight imperfections (manufacturing defect) of the knickers.

Moreover, this bow in the knickers is still in trend because of the trends and fashion than that of the practicality. Also, you can find various types of bow designs on the knickers now. The design, material and colors of the bow differ from one piece to another. Everything is done just to ensure the knickers look feminine and attractive.


Does the bow in the knickers mean innocence?

Bow being one of the designs used in children garments often, it exudes innocence. Having a bow design makes anything feel pretty, cute and innocent. It is same when it comes to the knickers. While bow symbolizes innocence, it also symbolizes self-confidence. Hence, many popular brands that sell knickers include a bow in the front.

It can help the knickers to look perfectly defined as well as innocent in the same time. It is not something new. Bows are used in different ways and it can be dated several centuries back. During that time, the bow was a symbol of attraction, passivity and innocence. It is still the same now!

Even though the knickers can be of different shapes and types, a bow in the front can make it look innocent. There is no doubt that women love it and thus the trend of adding a bow in front of their knickers is still there.

To Know Which Is Front Part Of The Knickers

As discussed before, the knickers used to have a bow in the front during the time of Renaissance too. The reason for adding back then was mainly two – to hold the knickers in its position and to identify the front part of the knickers. While the trend of adding bows to the knickers is still going on because of the feminine and fashionable look, it also can help you in identifying the front part.

Imagine having knickers in your hand and you have to wear them fast. Since the front and the back designs are often the same, it can be confusing for you to identify which part goes in the front and which one goes to the back. Adding that simple and bow in the front can solve this problem easily.

As soon as you take the knickers, you will know exactly which the front part of it is by seeing the bow. So, the bows on the knickers still have a practical use and not just a decorative element on your knickers.

The Male Gaze

According to the theory of feminism, ‘the male gaze’ is actually an act of representing women from the heterosexual and masculine perspective. Hence, women are represented as just a sexual object meant for pleasure and male view.

One of the main reasons why companies are selling knickers with bows in front is because of ‘the male gaze’ i.e. to satisfy their view towards women. The bow on the knickers can attract and captivate the gaze of men as the bows look pretty.

The fact that bows exudes innocence, femininity and youthfulness can attract the men easily. This represents how women are often objectified for pleasure. Though it sound quite cringe-worthy, but it is true! In fact, Ludivine Beillard-Robert who is one of the most popular French psychologists has also confirmed the same in one the interviews.

To conclude, these are the top 5 reasons why knickers have bows. Though the bows used to have a practical purpose back in the time of Renaissance, nowadays, it is simply used as a decorative element. Moreover, as stated above, it can also be used for identifying the front side and the back side of the knickers. Hope, this answers all your queries about why knickers have bows.

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