5 Ways Stockings Are Itchy (Plus Fix)

Stockings are a classic and stylish look worn by women for hundreds of years, made in all different types of fabrics. But what if you find them really itchy to wear?

Here Are 5 Ways Stockings Are Itchy:

The ways you will normally experience itching in stockings is due to:
The Fabric: Usually Acrylic, Nylon or Polyester
The tightness of the stocking over your legs
Dye solutions used in the manufacture of the stockings
The stocking traps hair
You have sensitive skin

Below we will be speaking about these five ways stockings can cause itchiness for people when wearing them (in detail). Plus some really great ways you can go about fixing the “itching stocking” that is driving you up the wall.

Ways Stockings Are Itchy


One seemingly minor problem with stockings is that they can be itchy because of the fabric. Stockings made from wool or synthetic materials like acrylic, nylon, and polyester tend to scratch against your skin if you wear them for too long. That leads to uncomfortable itching and discomfort that can last for hours if you do not remove it. Some fabrics, like cotton, absorb moisture and make you feel drier in your stocking.

Stockings made of 100% nylon tend to be the itchiest, which is why avoiding them is recommended.

Nylon includes one of the types of synthetic fiber that can irritate your skin. That is because its fibers easily trap moisture, which is what causes your skin to itch after wearing them for too long.

Many people use knee-highs and socks in public as part of their personal style and fashion statement, even though they cannot pull them up all the way. That is because knee-highs and stockings are usually made from materials that are more comfortable than hosiery or tights.

In addition to cloth that are itchy because of the fiber content, there is also clothing with features like ribbing or elastic or a knit pattern which can also irritate. Fortunately, advances in material science have helped us eliminate some of these irritants by including anti-itch properties in fibers such as nylon and lyocell (a natural cellulose fiber).

For many people, anti-itch socks cure their problem with itchy feet. However, the effects of anti-itch stickiness can be annoying for the person whose skin is already irritated.

Tight Around Foot And Legs

You might be thinking that the itchy feeling in your stocking is because of some little sprinkle of fuzz or a crinkling from too-tight elastic. The truth is that stockings feel itchy because they are tight around your foot and legs.

When you wear tight clothes, blood flow slows down, and the blood becomes more concentrated in these areas.

With increased blood flow to your feet and legs, circulation also improves to tell other body parts (like your arm) that there is no longer enough oxygen being sent, so pain receptors go into overdrive.

Dye Solutions

If your stockings are itching, it could be for a few reasons. One of the most common is dye solutions.

Dye is often sprayed on fabrics to give them colour before the fabric has been sewn into clothing. Sometimes this liquid can cause an allergic reaction in some people, which will result in itching and redness on the skin. In some cases, it can lead to mucous membranes in the eyes and nose.

Traps Hair

Stockings usually cause itchiness because they can trap natural and artificial fibers like hair and lint inside them over time. This problem is more common with tights than it is with stockings.

Since stockings are thin, they generally cannot trap quite as many fibers as tights can. These artificial fibers then cause the rubbing sensation that you feel whenever you move, and the experience of itchiness is increased when these hairs rub against other parts of your skin.

Further, stockings trap body hair because they cling to your skin. Whether you wear them up or down your legs, they will hold onto any hairs that might pass between the rubber and your flesh like a leash on a dog.

This added friction layer means each strand will have more friction against its natural bonds with the follicle than usual- which increases the number of hairs likely to break free from their roots to cause irritation or inflammation.

Thanks to the friction between the rubber and your skin, you will notice more hair in your socks than usual. That is especially annoying if you are wearing stockings, which do not have as much friction and therefore are not a foreign material for holding onto hair.

However, even your favorite pair of stockings can sometimes cause trouble, so you will want to avoid them altogether if possible!

Sensitive Skin

If you notice redness, your skin is dry, your sunburn easily, develop rushes often, or you are prone to breakouts, you might have been dealing with the same problem for years without realizing that it is a common symptom of sensitive skin.

When your skin is sensitive, the nerves are more reactive, and your immune system becomes more active. Even something as innocent as touching fabric can irritate your skin and make it itch. What is worse is that this condition can make you itch all over, even in places where you have never had sensitive skin before!

Fortunately, there are several appropriate ways to treat this issue: for example, by switching to 100% cotton underwear and changing them often so, they do not get too dirty or tight. Even better, if the itching is your main health concern, you can use peroxide on your skin to kill any bacteria contributing to the reaction.

Solutions to Stockings being Itchy

Make Sure Your Legs Are Shaved (Before Putting On)

Your legs form a significant part of your outfit, and if you are wearing stockings, the hair must be removed so as not to irritate them. However, there is a right way to shave those legs and a wrong way.

The right way, of course, would be with a razor. This can be done by running the razor across the skin, not just shaving one spot at a time and then walking away after it has been done. Shaving it this way could lead to ingrown hairs, which are just as bothersome as the hair on your legs.

Running the razor across the skin will give a closer shave and avoid in-grown hairs. Running the razor across your skin is also safer because it gives you time to react if needed. If you are worried about getting nicked, go with a guard or another type of protection for longer legs.

After making sure that all of the hair is gone, some suggest that you should use lotion to soothe what is left of your legs after having them waxed or shaved. If you are not used to waxing or shaving your legs, you might want to ask the person doing it what they recommend. Many waxing and shaving salons also have their lotions which can help soothe the sensitive skin left after waxing or shaving.

Moisturise With A Barrier Cream (Before Putting On)

Barrier creams can also be useful for treating several other conditions, including eczema, poison ivy, and sunburn. They are ideal if you want to prevent your knees from getting itchy in winter or wear socks or tights.

In this case, you should get a barrier cream that has been formulated with ingredients that will moisturize the skin and provide a protective layer. You can often find these cream products in pharmacies or your local supermarket.

Not all barrier creams are suitable for use on the delicate skin of your body parts, such as the face, so you might want to ask someone who works in a pharmacy what they recommend before purchasing one.

Make sure you choose a cream suitable for use on the sensitive skin on your legs. Do not worry, they are usually fine to use anywhere, check what ingredients have been used in the formula first. Just rub a thin layer around the area of your body that you intend to wear your stockings on, and it should provide a wonderfully soft and comfortable surface underneath.

It might be best to apply the cream after putting your tights on, but before you attach the suspenders so that none ends up getting onto them and causing problems later down the line. And remember, this should only be used as a temporary solution until something with more long-term benefits can be found.

Look for Good Quality Stockings

The quality of your stockings should not affect the cotton you need; however, if you wear tight-fitting tights or any other types of socks, you may experience itching, irritation, and rashes. Seeking quality stockings that fit your needs means that there is less chance for problems to occur.

If you are experiencing itchiness and rashes with stockings, it may be time to replace them with more comfortable ones.

Thinner material is better in this situation since it can be more elastic and stretchier. Always check the label before purchasing to ensure they are made of an appropriate material with the proper specifications so they will not cause irritation or discomfort.

If you still have problems with your stockings, it may be worth trying a different brand if you have not tried that already. Some brands can exacerbate itching and discomfort when others will alleviate it. If this does not help, you might need to look for another style for your stockings, such as shorter ones that will not irritate as much since they are not covering as much skin as ordinary stockings.

Remember, low-quality materials and low-quality manufacturing usually cause that stocking itchiness. Do not skimp on nylon or spandex when making the purchase; otherwise, youwill likely experience the same issues again sooner than later.

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