5 Ways Bras Do Shrink (Plus Fix)

Getting a bra that is the right fit can be challenging at times. As the sizes vary depending on the brand and material that you have. But what do you do if your bra shrink?

Here Are 5 Ways Bras Shrink:

Bras can shrink due to many factors and when this happens it is extremely annoying. The main reasons why bras can change size is because:

Bras can shrink in the washing machine and dryer
The Material Used To Make the bra can shrink (this is normally synthetic materials)
You have gained weight
Your bra stretches over time

Below we have gone through why bras do shrink, and some great methods on how you can go about stopping shrinkage of the bra. Thanks for reading.

Why Bras Do Shrink

Bras are made of a variety of materials, and they can shrink in different ways.

Here are some common ways bras can shrink:

Bras that are washed on a gentle cycle may shrink a bit more than their original size. They will also shrink if you dry them in a dryer on the low heat setting. Bras that are dried with the dryer’s lowest heat setting will shrink in size. You’ll also see this effect if you hang or store your bras on the gentle cycle after washing them.

Bras that are hung to dry while still damp may shrink to half their size when they’re dried later on at the highest heat setting of your dryer (or left hanging)-heating up again after being worn for an extended period. Bras that have been worn for an extended period may retain some of their shapes but will be noticeably smaller than when new and even smaller than before washing or drying them for the first time!

Many bras are made from synthetic fabrics, which can stretch and shrink during washing. This can make your bra fit differently after the first few wash cycles.

You may notice that your bra feels tighter or looser than usual. This is because the fabric has changed shape from being stretched and then returned to its original size. Bras made from cotton will shrink slightly more than those made from synthetic materials. Cotton is a natural fiber that absorbs moisture better than synthetic fabrics, so it takes longer to dry out between washings.

One of the biggest concerns of a woman buying bras is if they will stretch out and lose their form. This can be done either after purchase or during wear. Fabric can stretch when worn, especially with synthetic fibers and synthetic blends like Lycra, Spandex, and Nylon. Most materials can stretch over time. Bras tend to lose elasticity over time due to wear, but luckily there are ways you can prevent that from happening.

Here are reasons ways bras do shrink:

Over time

The way bras shrink depends on the bra you wear and how often you wash it. Bras made from synthetic materials tend to stretch over time, so they’ll lose their shape more quickly than bras made from natural materials like cotton. A bra can shrink in different ways: simply by stretching out, machine washing and drying, or hand washing and drying.


The first thing to know about your bras is that they can shrink in the dryer. The reason is that the heat and moisture from the dryer put pressure on your bra, causing it to contract slightly. This means that if you wear a tight-fitting bra for an extended period, it will be tighter after washing.

Most people don’t realize that fabric softeners can also cause their bras to shrink. Many people also use their bras in their laundry and toss them in with their whites without realizing that this causes problems for all the bras in the load. Laundry detergent will cause the bra to shrink more than usual because it contains enzymes that break down fibers in contact with water or soap solution.

This method is the most common, especially on bras not made of cotton or other natural fibers. Some people use a dryer to shrink their bras when they are in the middle of washing them, which can lead to shrinkage, but it is also possible to use a dryer to shrink your bras before you wash them.

If you have a few bras that you think may have shrunk in the dryer, then it would be best to take them out and let them air-dry overnight before you put them back on your body. If they have shrunk back up, no damage will be done.

Machine Wash Without Lingerie Bag

The bra is a valuable piece of clothing. It can be worn to keep the straps from sliding off your shoulders, or it can be worn to support your breasts. In any case, it’s a vital part of the outfit you wear under your clothes.

When you wear a bra, the one you wear must fit properly. If not, your breasts won’t be adequately supported and could cause problems later on.

If you’re unfamiliar with lingerie bags, they are soft bags used to protect your bras from getting damaged or shrunk by washing machines. The idea is that since these bags are made out of fabric, they will be able to protect your bras from damage.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true for all lingerie bags. Some of them are made of cheap materials and therefore won’t last long if you wash them regularly. Some people have shrunk their bras after washing their lingerie bag with other clothes or even in their washer themselves!

One way that bras do shrink is through washing them in an automatic laundry machine (or even hand washing). You should never put bras or any other type of lingerie in the dryer because heat can cause damage to them over time and possibly make them shrink even more than they already have if they were initially made out of synthetic materials like polyester or spandex rather than cotton or silk. That being said, there are another way bras shrink: by being washed in hot water without a lingerie bag first!

Material Used To Make Bra

Bras come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common way bras shrink is due to the materials used to make them. Bras are made with different fabrics and materials that affect their sizing, shape, and quality. Bras have three main parts:
• The cup: this part is where your breasts sit. It’s usually lined with a soft fabric or lace for comfort.
• Underwire: this is the metal bar you’ll find inside your bra that goes under your breasts and supports them.
• Strap: this is the part of your bra that attaches to your shoulders and holds up your breasts when you move around.

Gain Weight

Bras are made of elastic fabric, which is highly absorbent. When you gain weight, the bra becomes less supportive, so the elastic band will stretch out and lose its elasticity. The bra will be less supportive, which can lead to sagging and pain from bouncing around too much.

You may also notice that bras lose their shape after a few weeks of wearing them because they’re no longer comfortable in your new body shape. A bra should fit snugly when you put it on and feel like it “hugs” your body as you move around.

What You Can Do to Stop Bras Shrinking

Bras are designed to be elastic and stretchy. This is why bras are so easy to wear and fit so well. However, as time goes on, your bras will lose their elasticity and stretchiness. The more you wear them, the more they shrink in size. This can be frustrating if you’re unsure what to do about it!

The most common reason for bras shrinking is washing them in hot water. Hot water will cause the elasticity of your bra to go down significantly over time. Therefore, you must avoid washing your bras in hot water, or they may end up too small for you!

Another common cause of brassiere shrinkage is sweating. If you sweat a lot during workouts or other activities, this can also cause your bras to shrink! You mustn’t sweat a lot so that your bras don’t end up being too small for you!

Handwash Your Bra

Do you ever notice that your bra is losing size? It’s probably because you’re not washing it properly. If your bra is still in good shape, but you’ve noticed that it’s losing size, there are several things you can do to prevent it from shrinking in the future:

• Wash your bra with care. Washing your bra by hand is far better than putting it into the machine. The heat and friction of the device can damage the elasticity of any garment and cause it to shrink over time.
• Wash often enough. You should wash your bras every week or two, even if they appear fine when you put them on. This will help keep them from shrinking too much over time.
• Use fabric softener in cold water before washing your bras for a little extra protection against damage caused by friction and harsh detergents.
• Dry out properly after washing so that they don’t get moldy or mildewy from sitting in a wet pile while they dry out (which can cause mildew).

Hang Out To Air Dry

Bras can shrink, and it’s not just because of their shape. Bras are made from a cotton/lycra blend fabric prone to shrinkage.

To prevent your bra from shrinking, hang it out to air dry. This will prevent the fabric from shrinking in length and width, thus keeping your bra true to size.

If you have a lot of bras that need drying, place them on hangers and hang them in an open area such as your closet or garage. This will also help prevent any moisture from accumulating inside your bras, causing them to shrink further.

If using Machine Wash Method, Use A Lingerie Bag

The most important thing you can do to stop bras from shrinking is to wash them in a lingerie bag. It’s not enough to throw your bra in the machine and clean it. You must remove all the tags, laces, and other pieces that make up your bra.

If your bra cups are small, then use your hands to push them out from the middle of the cup gently. Once this is done, please put your hands inside the cup and gently move them around so that no water can get there by accident. Put a couple of cotton balls or tissue paper inside each cup, and then put on a new bra.

This method will ensure that no water gets into your bra, and as a result, you will be able to wear it for more extended periods without worrying about it shrinking or stretching out too much. What you can do to stop bras from shrinking: If using Machine Wash Method, Use A Lingerie Bag.

• Do not use the machine with a low spin setting when you wash your bra. The mesh will be stretched out and unable to fit correctly on the hooks and eyes.
• Please do not place your bra in the dryer when wet. This will cause the straps to stretch out and become loose again.
• If your bras are getting stretched out, trim off any extra material from the cups, then re-sew them back together with an invisible stitch (or stitch per inch).
• After each use, place your bra into a lingerie bag
• Place the bag into the washing machine with a cold wash cycle (this will help reduce wrinkles)
• Once finished, hang dry on flat/low heat for no more than 24 hours (hang drying also helps prevent wrinkles)

Use Gentle Detergent

Do you always use the hottest water setting when you wash your bras? If so, it may be time to rethink that habit. The heat of the water can cause your bras to shrink over time. Even if you don’t think you’ve worn your bra for a while and noticed a change in size, it’s possible that the elastic has shrunk and is now tighter than before.

A gentle detergent may help prevent this from happening. The first step is choosing the suitable detergent for your type of fabric – cotton, polyester, or nylon. Then, use enough of the detergent so that it covers all of your material and doesn’t leave any residue on it. Afterward, launder according to manufacturer instructions for best results.

Wrapping Up

A bra can be uncomfortable and awkward if it doesn’t fit properly. While you may be tempted to proceed with one that gives minor discomfort, the bra will not last for long, and the band or the straps will stretch out with time. The material of the bra cups might even stretch out, resulting in a saggy bust.

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