Tricorn Pirate Hats 7 Facts You Didn’t Know

Do you want to learn about Tricorn Hats or Pirate Hats ?

Also interested in trying one on your head to see what they look like on you ?Then there is some very useful information you must read before buying!

There is nothing better than learning the history of the Tricorn hat, where they originated from, so it can be exactly what you imagined.

The Tricorn is such a unique hat with such interesting features, if you are interested in Tricorn hats then this article is for you!
Tricorn and Pirate Hat

Who Wore A Tricorn Hat ?

In the 17th and 18th Century a Tricorn Hat was worn my many types of men including :

Royalty and Service Officers :

If you were around in the 17th Century, the Tricorn was worn by Royalty, Generals and Naval Offices.

Women knew a man’s wealth by the type of Tricorn he wore, so if you wanted to impress a lady this was the best way to do so.

If you lived in parts of Europe or United States, Tricorn hats were popular during the 17th and 18th Century in places including in England, Russia, Spain, Germany, France and United States.

If you wanted to be included at this time, as men did wear curly wigs, the tricorn was a perfect accompaniment to the wig.

The Wig and the Tricorn hat together showed the man’s social standpoint in society.

General Public :

Common civilians of the time also wore Tricorns. Just like hats in fashion now, everyday men wore a tricorn just as men today wear baseball caps.

Not all tricorns are dressy, some are just plain leather or wool felt.

What was the point of the Tricorn Hat ?

3 Main Practical Points Of The Tricorn ( apart from Fashion )

Gun Spanish Soldiers :

in the 17th Century in battle used a rifle called a musket.

When holding the musket upright it was convenient to wear a 3-pointed Tricorn’s the shape didn’t press on the musket, while not getting in the way of the musket.

This made holding the rifle upright much easier.

Protection from the Rain :

If you have experienced most European Countries you would know there is plenty of rain.

Wearing a Tricorn was used to funnel the rain away from the users face.

The water would run down the sides of the brim missing the face being a substitute for a umbrella.

Protection from the Sun :

When you look at a Tricorn you wouldn’t imagine it would give you much sun protection.

Some Tricorns worn in the 17 – 18th century had laced sides which when untied became a sun hat, giving the user protection in the elements.

What are pirate hats Tricorn’s made from ?

There are 3 types of fabrics that are normally used when making a Tricorn.

If you want to make one generally the edges are binded up and stiched or laced or buttoned to create the three sides of the hat.

Below are the 3 most common fabrics Tricons are made with :

Leather :

Pirate hats are generally made with leather, as leather is partially waterproof.

Beaver and Fur Felt :

Is the most expensive fur used to make a Tricorn due to the quality of the fur.

Made from either Rabbit or Beaver it gives a soft long lasting texture to the fur.

Many wealthy men in the 17th and18th century.

Wool Felt :

Is the most inexpensive fabric used for a Tricorn, for this reason this was a quite common fabric due to price.

It looks similar to the Beaver; Fur Felt, but looks more like fabric than fur.

Did British soldiers wear tricorns ?

If you were a British soldier based in the 17th century, there were strict uniforms that were worn.

Tricorns were a popular statement before they went out of fashion in the early 1800’s.

Different sized Tricorns were worn by military, some being very small in size which were easier to carry under one’s arm.

The Tricorn hat was replaced in the early 1800’s with a Bicorn hat which is similar but is only two points instead of three points, and then became the fashion of the 1800’s.

Even today the Chelsea Pensioners ( who are former members of the British Army ) still wear Tricorns to different events EG : the Founders Day parade.

The traditions of the Tricorn does live on even to this day.

Wearing the plain Tricorn with the Gold rim, also and the traditional red uniform, with Gold trim and Gold buttons, is sill popular.

How do you make a Tricorn Hat? Or how to make a Pirate Hat ?

If you are wanting to work out how to make a tricorn hat, it is really quite easy, below are some quick & simple steps to purchasing materials to make your first Tricorn.

Step One :

If you go to a website like Etsy and type in “hat body” and a list of wool felt or fur felt listings will come up.

This is the foundation of making a Tricorn hat.

Step Two :

Additional add ons can also be purchased like lace, buttons, or feathers also on Etsy to add on (if needed).

Step Three :

Once you have the hat body, you will need to lift three sides of the felt, having the same coloured thread you will need to hand stitch the middle of each pointed side inside the hat, which will hold it in place, creating three lifted sides. Really simple to make your own Tricorn.

Did Pirates actually wear Tricons ?

When you think of a Pirate Hat you imagine Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

When it comes to the Pirate Hat which is the same thing as a Tricorn, it was normally used for Captains or Higher Ranked Pirates.

Most Captains or Higher-ranking Pirates would wear a Pirate hat for port calls or for dressing up for an event.

Normally pirates wore heads carves which were more practical at the time, as the concern was the losing the hat whilst at sea.

Why are Pirate Hats shaped that way with three points ?

Pirate Hats ( Tricons ) have the three points to keep the rain at bay.

This is similar to using an umbrella but in a hat version. Most Pirates though don’t use Tricorns, as there day to day wearing hats, as most prefer knit caps or other types of headwear.

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