5 Reasons Why Bra Edges Curl (Plus Solution)

Bras are all different in the way that they fit and look on a women, as all women are different! Have you noticed that a bra of yours has started to curl and wondered why, as this has most probably happened to you at some stage.

Here Is Why Bra Edges Do Curl:

This effect of curling can happen along the top of your bras where the cup ends, or along the bottom and band of the bra, and there are several reasons it may be happening. Because the aim of a bra is to create a smoothing effect, it can be frustrating when bra edges curl, causing them to be more visible under your clothing or stick out in unsightly ways.

This is normally because:
The band is too lose
Your washing incorrectly
Your putting the bra in the dryer
The bra is old and losing its shape
The bra was poorly manufactured in the first place

Let’s go through the reasons your bra’s edges may be curling, and what you can do to avoid this problem.

What are the possible reasons my bra’s edges are curling?

The band is too loose

If your bra doesn’t fit properly, it can cause you to loose the seamless, smoothing effect that a bra is meant to provide. Having a band that’s too big, for example, can cause the cups to curl outward and not lay flat against your bust. If you’re noticing that your bra is loose around the band and not providing the support the cups need to stay flush against your breast, it could be the cause of your bra curling.

You may need to adjust the bra to fasten on a tighter hook or go down a band size or two. If you’re not sure whether this is causing the problem of a curling bra, you may want to consider getting your bust professionally sized, so you can be sure you’re buying bras that fit you exactly as they’re meant to.

You’re washing incorrectly

Bras are delicate clothing items that need proper care when you wash and dry them. Improper washing technique can cause your bras to deteriorate more quickly than they normally would, and could cause your bra cups or band to curl. Most women wear their bras every day, and often wear the same bra multiple days each week, so taking care to properly wash your delicates will help extend their lifespan so they can help you look and feel your best.

This doesn’t mean you have to resort to hand washing your bras, though this is an option that will get them clean without damaging them. Check the care label of your bras first. It will likely be on the inside of the band, near the clasp. Most bras are machine washable, if done correctly. The best way to wash your bras is to place them in a lingerie bag: a small, typically mesh laundry bag that can be put in the washing machine to keep your bras in one place as they’re washed.

When you throw your bras in your washing machine freely, bras with lace details or delicate trims may begin to fray and unravel as they’re thrown abrasively around with other garments and fabrics in the machine. Bras can get tangled which can cause them to stretch out and the elastic elements that help bras stay flush to your figure when worn can begin to break down. The result is a bra that may have once been your favourite becoming too loose, curling, and raveling.

Wash your bras on a delicate setting in a laundry bag that prevents these problems, so you can be sure you’re extending the life of your well-fitting bras.

You’re putting your bras in the dryer

Because bras are such everyday items for the majority of women, many fall into the trap of washing the like all your other everyday garments. However, the dryer can cause extra wear and tear on delicate garments like bras. Exposing your bras to high heat can shift the cups from where they’re meant to lay, damage the elastic in your band, and cause bra cups to curl up.

The best way to dry your bras is by allowing them to air dry. After you’ve washed them, either lay them flat or hang them to try by their straps, so they can keep their form and shape and won’t be subjected to the harshness of tumble or heat-drying. Air drying your bras is much gentler on them and ensures they keep their shape for much longer.

The bra was poorly manufactured or has a stitching defect

If you’re reading through this list and checking every box for proper bra care, but you’re still finding one or a few of your bras curl, or perhaps you have a bra that has been curling since the day you brought it home, it could be the result of poor manufacturing or a stitching defect.

A flawed bra construction means the cups/pads don’t have enough room to fit properly where they’re designed to fit, so they may curl up as a result. If the fabric that sits around the padding has not been cut correctly, or if there isn’t enough fabric to stretch over the foam cup, it can cause pulling and curling that disrupts the typically smooth line of the bra. The stitching could also be the cause. When stitching the fabric to the boning or moulding, it could have caused pulling or improper stretching. The thread may be causing the bra to be misshapen.

The bra is old and losing its shape

When an old bra begins to stretch out, it can cause the stretched fabric to curl in unsightly ways. Bras see a lot of wear and tear in their lifetimes, especially if they haven’t been properly taken care of. If you’re noticing one of your old favorite bras just isn’t fitting you the way it used to, it may be time to say goodbye.

How can I prevent my bras from curling?

There are several things you can do to keep your bras in tip-top shape, so they last for a long time and look and feel exactly how you want them to. Taking proper care of your bras is important to ensuring you extend the lifespan of your everyday undergarments for as long as possible. Here are some things you can do starting today to be sure your favorite bras will last for years to come.

Use a lingerie bag for washing

We’ve already discussed the wear and tear throwing your bras into the washer all willy nilly can cause. Invest in a laundry bag to wash your bras in.

These come in all different shapes and sizes depending on whether you typically wash one bra at a time or several. Find one that’s right for you and begin washing your bras in it on a delicate setting, with other delicate fabrics if possible. Your bras will thank you for it!

Hand wash your bra

Hand washing is one of the best ways to treat your delicate undergarments gently and ensure they’ll last a long time. If you don’t want to machine wash your bras, consider hand washing them to extend their life.

Air dry your bras

Your bras are ready to bid the dryer adieu. Next time you wash your bras, either hang them to dry or lay them flat so they can keep their shape and the padding and elastic will stay in great shape.

Store your bras upright

Properly storing your bras can help them keep their shape, prevent curling, and extend their life as well. If you’re storing padded or molded bras inside drawers, stand them upright with the cups going the same way against each other.

This will help to preserve their shape. If you want to take your bra storage and organization to the next level, you can purchase a drawer organizer specifically for bras, which will allow each of your bras to sit separate and free standing – and you’ll have the benefit of being able to see all of your bras easily in your drawer so you can pick the right one for the occasion every time!

You can also consider hanging your bras with special bra hangers. It’s not recommended to hang your bras with skirt-style or clip hangers, as this can damage the shape, cups, or pads of the bra, but if your closet organization calls for hanging rather than putting your bras upright in a drawer, hang the bras so the cups face the same way and keep their shape.

Look for a better quality of bra

The best way to ensure your bra will help you look and feel your best is by investing in one that’s made of high-quality fabric and padding, fits you well, and is manufactured well. Bras are something most women wear every day, and the difference in look and feel between a well-made, high-quality bra and one that’s cheaply or poorly made can be huge.

Do your research and find a bra that’s right for you, and don’t be afraid to invest in a nicer one that will better shape your figure and last for a much longer time. Getting properly fitted for a bra in store and consulting with professionals who can make sure the bra you choose will check all the right boxes for you can be a great step in making sure your next bra will be a great investment that you’ll get lots of wear from.

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