5 Hats That Look Good On Big Heads (With Pictures)

Every persons head is a different size, and this size affects how a hat will look on you. A person with a large head is going to look different in a hat than someone that has a small head. So what sort of hat suits a larger head?

Here Are 5 Hats That Look Good On Big Heads:

If you have a larger head these sorts of hats will look good on you:
A hat with a large brim (this could be a cowboy hat to a sunhat)
Baseball Cap
Flat Cap
Wide Brim Fedora
Trucker Hat

Through out this article we are going to discuss what sort of hat will suit a larger head, and include some pictures so you can see what could suit your head for your next hat purchase. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

What is considered a “big head size”?

A head size that is considered big might have a circumference measuring 21 inches or more. This size can be measured with a tape measure or a caliper.

The average head circumference for an adult male is 21 inches and 18.5 inches (for females). The circumference of the human skull also varies, as it can measure up to 33 inches in some cases, which means that people with larger heads would have skulls significantly larger than most other humans.

The head size (also called cranial capacity) also varies between different races and ethnicities, as some people have bigger brains than others and, thus, larger heads. The races that have the biggest heads include the Native Americans, Europeans, and Asians.

These people might be better at math or reading than other races because they were born with larger brains. The Native American race has even been described as having more advanced cognitive functions than other races because their heads are significantly larger in size compared to others. Therefore, if you love big, round objects and are shopping for a new hat, you may want to pay attention to the defining characteristics of big head size.

Hats That Look Good On Big Heads:

Large Brim

Large brim hats are one of the most popular options for people who do not fit into the standard hat size chart. These huge hats are the type of thing that makes your outfit look complete and dressier than it is.

They can also cover bad hair days, birthmarks, or facial scars with little effort. If you are an adventurous type, large brim hats have been a favourite for a long time and will always be around to entertain new people. Just make sure to check out these lists before you decide on which kind of hat is right for you!

Also, as it turns out that the large brim is great for protecting your face from harmful UV rays. However, it also does another important job: it shields you from the sun when you look down and then boosts your peripheral vision when you look up! A hat like this will keep more of your skin from getting damaged, it is just good sense to wear one with extensive coverage.

Baseball Caps

In today’s society, the baseball cap represents much more than just a simple hat to be worn by everyone. Business owners, police officers, and even teachers wear baseball caps to show their pride in the team or simply because they like how it looks. These caps offer the individual a chance to be unique and have the freedom of expressing their personality without being too serious or boring.

One great thing about baseball caps is that they are comfortable to wear for people with big heads due to their lightweight and large size. They are also wind-resistant, allowing them to be worn in bad weather without feeling like you are wearing anything on your head.

A baseball cap offers its wearer the freedom of not having to worry about hair getting in their eyes or having it falling into their face when playing sports outdoors. Today’s society loves the baseball cap because it does not take away from their individuality but instead exemplifies who they are.

Baseball caps seem to emphasize the features of your big head, most notably your eyes and nose, which can make them appear larger than they are in photos without one (especially when it comes to selfies). Most baseball caps are worn a little bit back on the head (at least in North America), making it seem like people’s face is smaller than their head. This effect can be observed when comparing people with and without hats in front of a large camera/perspective.

Flat Caps

In recent years, the trend of wearing a flat cap has been going from soaring to the high heavens. What makes this head-warming accessory so popular among men is its versatility and the that it can be paired with any other outfit. A flat cap is also one of the most cost-effective ways to keep warm, complement your look, and make a fashion statement simultaneously!

A flat cap looks surprisingly good on people with large heads despite being inexpensive. It is best complemented by people whose faces are long and thin, but this is not always true. The cap’s high crown and wide brim make it look visually balanced. A flat cap’s design also protects from the cold and rain, sheltering your head against the elements.

Further, big heads seem to fit more easily under flat caps, which means that people who wear them will appear taller, thus making themselves more attractive from an anthropometric perspective. In particular, when looking at someone, people tend to assume that if their head looks smaller, their body will be bigger (and vice versa).

That means that when you wear a flat cap, people will assume that your legs are bigger than they actually are and therefore conclude that you are taller than they initially thought.

Wide Brim Fedoras

Fedoras are famous for their distinctive shape. They are meant to provide ample coverage to the top of your head, but they also show off a bit of flair in the way they offer an oversized brim that can come in handy as you walk around town.

The wide brim is flattering on people with big heads because it makes them look smaller, more proportional, and more stylish. The crown area does not overwhelm your face any more than it usually would, and even people with small heads will find that it has some benefits. It is such a versatile hat that most people can find something they love about them!

Trucker Hats

For one thing, a high-profile trucker hat looks good on people with big heads because it covers their more exaggerated features, such as high ears and forehead. Its visor makes it more of a cap, which means you can turn it sideways for the classic baseball cap look if that’s your thing. Plus, many hats are adjustable, so you can make them taller or shorter depending on your desired style level.

A trucker hat is not just for those whose careers are in the trucking industry, though. It is also popular with people who exercise or perform outdoor activities that involve heat and sunlight. The visor lets them protect their eyes without wearing glasses as often as they might otherwise.

Trucker hats are also popular with people like construction workers, fishers, and farmers who spend long hours in the sun. The wide brim helps keep them cool and shaded, while the mesh back allows for better airflow to help keep them a little less sweaty. You do not need to go outside to enjoy these benefits – they will also cut down on those pesky hat hair problems!

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