Do Hats Suit All People? (Full Facts Exposed)

There are hundreds of different styles of hats in the world out there including Fedoras, baseball caps, flat caps, cloches and many more.

When you see people wearing all of these different styles you wonder if they only suit certain people and not others.

Here Is Why There Is A Hat To Suit Everyone Out There:

The short answer is yes there is a hat for all people. Different faces suit different styles e.g if you have a round face you will suit a baker boy style or a beanie.

Where as a long face needs a larger brimmed hat which balances out a longer shaped face.

In this article we are going to talk about in detail about suitability of different shaped faces e.g round, oval, square or heart shape face. To give you a idea of the style that you will need so you can make a great selection of your new style of hat.

Let’s Check it out!

Do hats suit everyone?

Anyone can put on a hat. What is essential is for a person to know their face shape to acquire a hat shape that suits them properly.

Here is the perfect way you can find out how your face shape look like to find the right type of hats and how to wear them


When you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear virtually any type of hat in the market.

You can put your chosen hat straight across your brow or straight across your hairline depending on your moods demands or fashion taste.

However, it would be best to ensure that you confirm the crown is not narrower compared to your cheekbones.


When you have a round face, you mustn’t wear flower pot hats.

Also, ensure that you wear the brims on the angle and not straight. Consider asymmetrical lines in hats choice, and they are instrumental. Further, ensure that the hat crown of your hat is not narrower than your face not unless it is well balanced on the trim.


People with triangle shape heads need to follow the same rules as those with oval faces. The good news to them is they can wear any hat on their head.

Put on your hat straight across the blow or straight across your head hairline depending on your mood’s demand or fashion.

Also, ensure that you check your cheekbones and put on your hat as you keep the crown not narrower than the cheekbones depending on the type of hat you acquire.


For persons with squire shape faces, it is advisable that you tilt your hat when wearing them on your head or slant your hat’s brim.

Additionally, wear hats that have asymmetrical shapes because they will fit your head perfectly.


When you have an oblong type of face, it would be best to try and avoid narrow and tall hats, experiment with brims, and balance your shoulder and other body parts when wearing your favourite hat.

How do you know if a hat suits you?

When you want to find out which type of hats suit your head, it is essential that you find out the kind of face shape that you have.

It may be oval, heart-shaped, round, oblong, or triangle will help you in deciding which type of hat to buy. This is how you can find out.

(I)Round Face

When you have a lovely round face and a broad forehead, the best type of hat to look for is a more angular style to balance your round face.

Asymmetrical hats will fit you perfectly if they have a high crown, slanted brim, and peaked. You can put them on and slant them forward to attain an attractive angle.

You can also create some length on your face by putting hats with high crowns.

This type of hat will give height and slim your face. Hats with straight brims will add asymmetry. Also, consider hats with peaks that are wider than your face.

(II) Oval Face

You are a lucky person if you are blessed with an oval face as you can choose from a wide range of hats and they will suit you.

Your forehead, in this case, will be more extensive compared to your jawline.

Your face will also be longer than it is wide. In this case, you need to get a hat that will sit low towards your forehead and have a flared or wide brim.

(III) Oblong face

People with oblong faces have longer than broad faces. Their forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are usually similar in size. They may also have high foreheads.

Consider looking for round shape hats if you have this type of face to counterbalance your face’s straight lines that run down.

Sun hats with low crowns and wide brims are the best recommendation for you as they will reduce the roundness and length of the broad brim, especially if the projection is floppy.

Additionally, cloche hats are perfect to wear low to your eyebrows to help conceal your high forehead and shorten your face shape.

(IV) Square Face

A squared person shape has the same width and length face shape. The distance from the forehead to the chin and from one chin to another is almost the same.

In this case, floppy hats are perfect for you as they contain a wide curvy brim to balance the angular shape.

Hats with round brims and crowns can smooth your angles and squared face and give it the height and roundness that suits it

(V) Heart-shaped face

Those with heart shape faces have broad foreheads with a pointed chin and wide cheekbones.

Therefore, they need to choose hats that will slim their forehead and make them look narrower. You can also balance your forehead width with hats with a medium brim.

Can I pull off a hat?

Yes, anyone can pull off a hat.

The most important thing that you one must do, whether you are a lady or gentlemen, is to feel comfortable when wearing your hat depending on which style they are made for such as traditional style, trend-driven style, or even baseball cap.

You need to pay close attention to the season, hairstyle, how you will dress up or down, your look, your head fit when pulling off a hat.

What hats suit long faces?

Individuals with long faces need hats with wide brims, such as sunhats and straw hats.

When looking for hats that suit your face, choose hats with a bill covering your forehead to reduce the long face look you have.

Cowboy hats might be what you are looking for if you love southern style for those with an elongated face.

What hats suit round faces?

It would be best for those with round faces to consider purchasing has that can elongate your face and give you a sharper appearance.

The best type of hats to give you this type of look include beanies, baker boy hats, cadet caps, docker hats, and top hats


They are a good choice for those with round faces because they make their faces appear a bit longer and develop some sense of balance. For a comfortable and stylish look that is simple, go for a beanie

(II)Top Hat:

Top hats might save your day if you have a round face because they have angles that can add some sharper features that give your face the needed balance. Also, they are a great accessory to add to your formal wear.

(III) Cadet Hat:

If you want nicely designed hats that suit perfectly with most of your casual or streetwear, go for a cadet hat. They are good fashion as well for your round face.

(IV) Dockers Hat:

This type of hat is a baseball cap. They will elongate your face and give an excellent balance to the round appearance. They are also warm on the head for the cold season.

(V) The Sailor Hat:

This type of hat is also known as the baker boy hat or peaked beret. This type of hat fits any gender fashion style of clothing that you can decide to put on.

It would help if you also considered hats with crowns wider than your face when you have a round face, such as baseball caps, fedoras, trilby hats, newsboy caps, and medium-long brim fedoras.

Hats with straight brims that will add asymmetry to you are also the best choice to consider. They will slim your face.

What hats suit oval faces?

People who have round faces have the same length and width, full cheeks, and rounded jawline.

Therefore, they look like babies or slightly younger than they are. They also have a size that appears a half times greater than the face width.

The best type of hats for people with such faces are ones that will sit low to your forehead and have a flare or wide brim to cover your long face.

The best types to choose from include fedora hats, cloches, and cowboy hats because they sit perfectly low on your forehead.

Why are baseball caps so popular?

The popularity of baseball caps is because many people love wearing things that come with logos, sketching, and embroidery on them. Therefore, baseball caps fit perfectly well in this category.

The majority of people also love sports, and they will show affiliation to their beloved sport.

As they wear their team attire, they will also put on their team memorabilia and baseball caps in one of them. They make sports fans blend in well during their team sports day.

Many stores in malls sell different baseball caps that one will not resist when they are costumed to their wish.

Additionally, baseball caps are perfect for outdoor events as they are perfectly designed for easy wear and to block the sun rays efficiently. Therefore, many purchase them for their day-to-day use to prevent scorching sun heat.

Baseball caps have fitted caps that can be adjusted to fit any face shape. They can be used by anyone depending on the type of shape of face one has. They also make those who wear them appear to be tougher

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