Do Hats Cause Forehead Wrinkles? (Complete Guide)

Hats make a great accessory for any outfit, and depending on the style will get you lots of compliments when you go out.

A Hat Won’t Cause You Forehead Wrinkles (Real Facts)

No a hat won’t cause any wrinkles if anything they will prevent them as the hat protects you from the sun. The main issue usually is that a hat is too tight pressing on your forehead and this is a sizing issue with the hat.

This Article we will discuss in detail about hats, forehead wrinkles and red hat lines that appear after wearing a hat all day. So check it out!

Do hats cause forehead wrinkles?

Wearing a hat does not cause you to have forehead wrinkles or creases.

In fact, adopting a hat-wearing norm not only accentuates your overall fashion looks but will also prevent you from getting forehead wrinkles.

Hats also help keep your skin hydrated by keeping you cool throughout the day; this means that you don’t get to lose excess water due to excessive sweating.

Forehead wrinkles, medically known as rhytids, are creases, folds, or ridges that appear on your glabella (the smooth part of the forehead between and above your eyebrows).

These creases tend to form on your forehead’s skin due to the constant contraction of your frontalis muscles. Frontalis muscles are facial muscles that are responsible for raising or elevating your eyebrows.

What is the crease on the head that is caused by a hat?

When you wear a hat for some time (for an hour and above), it’s normal for a temporary crease or fold to form on your forehead.

This temporary and reversible crease(s) is usually referred to as a hat line(s) and may be formed due to a number of reasons which include;

·Putting on a small or a tight-fitting hat

·Putting on a hat for a long time without removing it

How to get rid of hat lines on your forehead?

Consider massaging your forehead.

Massaging your forehead with quality face creams or lotions will help eliminate the hat lines on your forehead quickly and effectively.

Massaging the affected part helps clear out a hat line(s) by promoting oxygen and blood supply to the inflamed or affected area.

Place ice cubes or ice packs on your forehead.

Ice cubes get rid of hat lines on your forehead by increasing blood flow to the part of the skin on which they have been placed.

Ice cubes also work by reducing inflammation (swelling) on your skin.

NOTE! Never apply ice cubes directly on your face as it may cause delicate skin capillaries on your skin to break, which may, in turn, cause you to become itchy and swell.

If you have acne or any underlying skin condition, it is highly recommended that you don’t use ice cubes to get rid of your hat lines, as this may further aggravate your skin condition.

Correctly wash your forehead with warm water or place a warm towel on your forehead.

Knowing how to wash your face correctly will not only help you get rid of your hat lines but will also improve your face’s overall health.

Never use hot water to clean your face since hot water damages keratin cells, which form a protective layer on your skin.

Extra tip; Avoid over-washing your face as this will dry out your face, which will, in turn, cause your face to overproduce sebum in a bid to regain its moisture.

This will make it even harder for you to get rid of hat lines that come about as a result of wearing hats.

Any recommended moisturizer for forehead wrinkles caused by a hat?

First aid beauty hello fab coconut water cream.

This moisturizer is infused with natural coconut oil and sodium hyaluronate, which helps keep your forehead skin moisturized, thus reducing and preventing further wrinkling of your skin due to hat-wearing.

This product is a good fit for people who have sensitive and oily skin since it’s non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores).

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

If you have dry and sensitive skin, then this moisturizer is the best fit for you.

It contains ceramides (naturally occurring fatty acids) that help reduce any irritation and inflammatory reactions from occurring in your skin, thus preventing and reducing further wrinkling of your forehead’s skin.

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream

This is an anti-wrinkling cream that contains hyaluronic acid and carob extracts, which both act as antioxidants. It also contains niacinamide which helps minimize wrinkles on your forehead and protect your skin from sunburns or sun damage.


Vaseline petroleum jelly moisturizes your skin by locking in the moisture in your skin. This is in turn, causes your creased forehead skin to smoothen out, thus reducing the already formed wrinkles.

How to use Vaseline petroleum jelly to reduce your forehead wrinkles

·Wash your face with warm water at least twice a day (morning and before you go to sleep)

·Slightly wipe your face with a clean towel-ensure that you don’t completely dry your face

·Apply a thin coat of Vaseline on your face

·Gently and in a circular motion, massage your forehead until you no longer feel like your skin is oily

Natural coconut oil

Coconut oil contains linoleic acid and lauric acid, which, when correctly applied, help keep your skin moisturized and free from bacteria that may cause your skin to wrinkle.

Coconut oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that protect your skin’s collagen and elastin integrity, which also help prevent wrinkling of your skin’s forehead.

Note; coconut oil is comedogenic; it can clog your skin pores, which may make it worse for your wrinkling situation.

So if you have a weakened immune system or you have used antibiotics for a long time, it is highly recommended that you use other moisturizers and steer clear of coconut oil.

Key takeaway

Hats not only accentuate your looks but also help keep your forehead ideally unwrinkled. Massage your forehead with quality face creams and lotions to get rid of hat lines on your forehead.

You can also apply ice cubes to clear out any formed hat lines on your glabella.

It is important that you purchase face moisturizers that are of quality and are approved by the FDA.

Note that with many companies mushrooming, it’s difficult to identify which product is legit; thus, it’s recommended that you buy your anti-wrinkling creams or moisturizers from certified and known brands.

Before you start using any of the moisturizers named above, you should first consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Remember to put a hat on before heading out to your dermatologist’s appointment or splurging on your facial moisturizers so as to maintain an ideally unwrinkled forehead!

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