7 Easy Ways To Wash A Beanie (Quick Guide)

Beanie’s are a popular hat to be worn (especially in winter time) for it’s casual style and it’s great warmth. Beanie’s are usually made from either wool or acrylic and both materials are warm and comfy.

Here Is How Beanie’s Can Be Machine Washable:

Beanie’s can be machine washed in certain circumstances and should be washed with great care.

If you are wanting to machine wash your beanie it is best if you use a mesh laundry bag, only wash with similar fabrics and colours, use the delicate cycle in your washing machine, and avoid using the dryer at any cost.

We will speak about washing your beanie in further detail, how to wash one with a pom pom, and also in depth content about washing both a wool and acrylic beanies. Thanks for reading.

Are Beanies Machine Washable?

People often ask whether beanies can be washed in a washing machine, and the answer is definitely yes.

The fact that you might put your hat in the wash doesn’t mean that it’s going to end up looking like it did when you first bought it. In fact, washing your beloved hat could potentially ruin its shape completely, as well as discolour it.

How To Safely Wash Your Beanie With A Machine

Follow the following tips to wash your beanie in a washing machine without ruining it.

1. Use A Mesh Laundry Bag

A mesh laundry bag designed for delicates is definitely your best option when it comes to washing your hat in a washing machine.

This type of bag will keep the beanie secure, and you’ll be able to see whether any damage has been done during washing because turning out through one side of the mesh laundry bag means that there’s something wrong with the item carrying on in the wash with other clothes might cause damage.

2. Only Wash With Similar Fabrics

If you want to keep your beanie looking as good as new, you’ll need to only wash it with similar fabrics.

For example, if you’re wool hat isn’t of a high enough quality for being washed in the washing machine alongside cashmere, don’t do it. It will definitely shrink, and its quality might be permanently damaged even if it doesn’t shrink.

3. Use The Delicate Cycle To Wash Your Beanie

The delicate cycle on your washing machine is the setting that you should use when washing your beanie with a machine. This specific cycle is designed for gentle spinning, and it’s the best option for hats.

4. Use Warm Water In The Washing Machine

You should never wash your beanie at a temperature that’s higher than 30 degrees Celsius as this will shrink the hat noticeably, as well as damage its shape. Stick to warm water if you want to keep your hat looking great.

5. Avoid The Tumble Dryer

The tumble dryer should absolutely be avoided when it comes to beanies. It would be much safer to lay the hat flat on a towel and let it dry naturally. However, if you’re in a hurry you can put your beanie into the tumble dryer on the lowest heat setting.

Just don’t leave the hat in the dryer for too long. It’s probably best if you put a couple of clean tennis balls into the tumble dryer with your beanie to help prevent its shape from being damaged or its pompom from becoming mis shapen.

6. Look After The Pompom Attached To Your Beanie

If there’s a pompom attached to your beanie, you need to make sure that it’s not pulled during washing or drying. Pulling the pompom can damage it, and once it’s damaged there’s no way of fixing it.

7. Dry It Flat To Keep Its Shape

Just like tumble drying will ruin a beanie, putting it into the dryer while it’s still on your head could cause some serious damage, so don’t try to squeeze the extra water out of it before drying.

Does Washing A Beanie Shrink It?

Washing a beanie will not shrink it so long as you follow the advice above. Machine washing your hat won’t affect its shape, but even if you’re careful it’s still possible that your beanie will shrink slightly over time due to aging.

It is also possible that a beanie could shrink if it gets wet, but this would be because of the fabric going out of shape rather than getting smaller.

Can Beanies Go In The Dryer?

No, they can’t. You know that tumble dryers damage hats, so you should avoid putting your hat in one at any cost. Now that you know how to safely wash a beanie, you can keep it looking great for longer.

Reasons why your beanie should not go into the dryer:

1. It Can Shrink

Putting your beanie in the dryer will make it shrink. It’s not a good idea for this to be done and you can’t bring your hat back after it has shrunk by putting it in the dryer.

The dryer can also damage it in different ways, especially when you consider that there are often sharp hooks in the dryer door. If you don’t want to damage your beanie, you’ll need to dry it by hanging it up or laying it flat.

2. Damage It Shape

Putting your hat in the dryer can cause it to lose its shape, which definitely isn’t something that you want.

3. Dry It Out

If you put your beanie into the dryer, it will become less fluffy after being dried out by the heat of the tumbler. The tumbling action of the tumbler can cause the lanolin in the wool to be rubbed away which can damage your beanie and make it lose its soft feeling.

4. It’s A Long Process

Putting your hat into a dryer is a long process and you’ll need to do this several times, but by putting it through the wash, you avoid all of this and can just put it back to how it was straight away.

5. Avoids Dryer Sheets

If you put your beanie into the dryer, it can pick up all of the fluff and other pieces that are in the lint trap.

This means that if you’re not careful, you’ll end up getting dryer sheets left behind on your hat which will make it feel stiff. If you don’t want this to happen, you’ll need to clean out the lint trap after removing your beanie from the dryer.

How Do You Wash A Beanie With A Pom Pom?

If there’s a pom pom on your beanie, it needs to be treated with care when you’re trying to wash it because this could get damaged.

You can wash your beanie with a pom pom by laying it flat on the floor and carefully pouring some shampoo over it, but you need to make sure that you don’t pour too much of this onto your hat because it could run into the material.

Follow the following tips if you want to make sure that your pom pom beanie stays in good condition when you’re washing it:

1. Use The Right Shampoo

There are several shampoos on the market that can be used for washing a hat and many of these might not be right if your pom pom has a synthetic fabric.

You need to be very careful if you’re trying to wash your pompom beanie with shampoo because there are some shampoos that will damage the material. It’s not advisable to use any shampoo that is designed for hand washing or baby clothes on your hat, it’s best to go for something more specific like an outdoor hat detergent.

2. Rinse It Off

You need to make sure that you rinse your hat after using shampoo on it, otherwise, the ingredients of the shampoo might be left behind which could damage your beanie.

3. Don’t Leave It In The Bathroom Sink

After washing your pompom beanie, don’t just leave it sitting in the bathroom sink where it can collect water. The best thing to do is to lay your hat out on the floor so that it can dry, but this will need to be done carefully because you don’t want one of the pom poms getting wet.

4. Use A Mild Detergent

If you’re trying to wash a synthetic beanie with a pom pom, you need to use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener. If you use fabric softener on your beanie after washing it, this can damage the material which could cause your hat to lose its shape and not sit properly on your head.

5. Dry It Out Carefully

After washing your pom pom beanie, you’ll need to make sure that it is dried out carefully. You can use a hairdryer on a low setting or lay your hat flat and then slowly work some air into the fabric while avoiding the pompom.

How Do You Wash A Wool Beanie?

If there’s wool in your beanie, you’ll need to make sure that you’re careful when washing it in case the wool comes out or twists up.

i. Use Shampoo That’s Ideal For Wool

There are several types of shampoo that are good for washing a wool hat and these include wool wash which is specifically designed for this purpose. If your beanie has a synthetic pom pom, avoid using a shampoo that is made of wool and use something more suitable for synthetic fabrics.

ii. Make Sure It’s Thoroughly Cleaned

You need to make sure that you wash your hat thoroughly because dirt gets trapped in the material and it can cause itching if this isn’t removed.

iii. Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

Using too much detergent can damage your hat and leave it feeling stiff. If you want to be sure that the hat comes out clean, you need to use half of the amount that is recommended on the bottle and then carefully rinse off any residue with warm water.

How To Wash A Acrylic Beanie?

When you’re trying to wash your acrylic beanie, make sure that you use a very mild detergent on it. You also need to make sure that the hat is washed in warm water and this should be more of a hand-wash rather than something that would go in a washing machine.

Do you have a beanie? If so, are you wondering if it can be machine washed or how to wash your wool beanie without damaging the material? Hopefully, this article has answered some of these questions for you.

You should know that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to washing hats because different materials need different care instructions.

It is important to read any tags on your hat before putting them in the washer and then follows those particular guidelines carefully. Also, remember that not all detergents are suitable for every fabric type, so make sure that you’re using an appropriate one!

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