How To Style Any Outfit With A Cravat

When you think of a cravat you think of a special occasion or event such as the Royal Ascot in the United Kingdom or the Kentucky Derby in the USA. A event where most men are wearing a suit (with a cravat).

Here Is 7 Occasions You Can Wear A Cravat:

Cravats can be worn not just for special occasions but also for the below:

Tuxedo & Tails
Casual Outfit
Lounge Suit
Suit & Waistcoat
Formal Shirt and Waistcoat
Tuxedo & Tails With a Bow Tie

We will be discussing further to wearing a cravat, events to wear a cravat in summer, and advise on how to wear a cravat. Thank you.

When To Wear A Cravat?

Wearing a cravat is more than just an accessory, it’s a way to complete an outfit and add some personal style.

You can wear a cravat on many occasions and with multiple types of outfits! It gives you the opportunity to show your creativity and make something new out of classic items such as white silk shirts or suits.

A cravat is a large neckband, which forms a loop by going around the shirt collar and neck. The cravats were worn in Croatia in the 17th century.

They gained popularity when the French Duke of Beaufort wore one to hide wounds that he had received from an assassination attempt. Even King Louis XVI began wearing them and soon they became popular and known as the “cravat”.

Ideas On How You Can Wear A Cravat:

1. Casual Outfit

A casual cravat can look great with simple outfits like jeans or chinos. Pair it up with a white T-shirt and blue denim jacket, you won’t go wrong! It will add a personal touch to your outfit and you can let it down if you want.

2. Lounge Suit

You can wear a cravat with a lounge suit during the evening or for special occasions, where a tie is not necessary. Add a pocket square and cufflinks for additional details.

3. Tuxedo & Tails

A cravat looks great with a tuxedo and tails. It’s perfect for gala events or wedding ceremonies. Match it up with a white formal shirt and you’re good to go!

4. Suit & Waistcoat

Don’t forget about waistcoats – they look amazing when combined with suits and cravat. If you’re not used to tie your neck, this should be the best option for you.

5. Formal Shirt & Waistcoat

If you want to look sharp and play with contrasts, try wearing a cravat with your formal shirt and waistcoat. Add a pocket square for additional details.

6. Tuxedo & Tails with a Bow Tie

If you think that wearing a cravat is too much for you, try wearing a bow tie. It’s not so traditional but it will add some sweet accents to your outfit.

7. Casual Shirt & Suit

Last but not least – wear a shirt and suit of any colour and go out there with a cravat. It’s an easy way to complete your outfit and it gives you the opportunity to play with different hues and stripes!

Can You Wear A Cravat In Summer?

Of course, you can! There are many ways how you can wear a cravat in summer. Match it up with khaki chinos, linen pants, or casual shorts. A cravat will make your outfit stylish and unique. If you think it’s too hot to wear a jacket during the summertime, you can always go for an informal evening look with a cravat instead.

Ways You Can Wear A Cravat In Summer:

1. With Shorts for a Cocktail Party

Pair your summer outfit with a cravat, add some casual details like boat shoes and you’re good to go! It will make your look stylish for any cocktail party or dinner date.

2. Casual Shirt & Chinos

Another way how to wear a cravat in summer is to combine it with casual clothes. If you decide for this option, make sure your pants are not too loose or baggy – they will make your outfit look ridiculous!

3. Linen Suit & Shirt

If you don’t want to show off too much skin and prefer dressing up, go for a linen suit and a white shirt. Add a cravat for additional details, you will look dashing!

4. Lounge Suit & Cravat

A lounge suit looks great with a cravat as well – it’s all about matching colours and shades. For example, pair your outfit with an olive green cravat if you want to look stylish and unique.

5. Tuxedo & Tails with a Pocket Square

Last but not least – you can wear a cravat even with formal evening looks. A pocket square will add some nice accents to your outfit. Add suspenders for extra style points!

Can You Wear A Cravat With A Normal Shirt?

Yes, you can! It’s all about the occasion. If the dress code is informal, feel free to wear a cravat with your normal shirt. It will look great!

Don’t forget to use matching colours and shades for your outfit – it will make it look more stylish. Also, keep in mind that wearing a cravat is not an easy task, so be prepared to make some mistakes. It’s all about practice!

How To Wear A Cravat With Suit

First of all, you need to know that cravats are like ties – they’re mostly worn around the neck and tied with a simple knot.

Since there are many ways how to tie a tie, there are also many ways how to wear a cravat. Choose one option, learn it, and practice! Once you master the art of tying a cravat you will be able to wear this accessory with any formal or casual outfit.

1. Wear A Sleek Cravat

One of the easiest options is wearing a sleek cravat. It’s time to learn how to tie a bow tie! You can also use this method for casual outfits or even weddings.

2. The Casual Knot

This is the easiest way to wear your cravat with style – just knot it casually around your neck and you’re good to go! If you’re not used to this method, keep in mind that it’s all about contrasts.

3. The Full Windsor Knot

A full Windsor knot is a sophisticated way to tie your cravat around your neck. It’s the same kind of knot you use for ties so it will require some practice, but it’s worth it!

How To Tie A Cravat For Beginners

If you’re not familiar with tying cravats, don’t worry – there is a simple and straightforward option for you! Just follow the steps below:

How to tie a cravat:

1. Fold your bandana diagonally both ways. Make sure it’s even on both sides!

2. Fold it in half again to form a triangle shape.

3. Put the triangle over your head, allowing the narrow end to hang down in the back.

4. Pull the long end under one arm and up behind your neck so that it hangs on the opposite side from where you are wearing it at first.

5. Slip an arm through the loop created by the long end.

6. Pull on both ends to tighten, creating a neat knot in front.

7. Flip the pointed end over your shoulder for that sophisticated cravat look!

Cravats are great for adding some style to your overall look, but they can also make you look like a waiter. If you want to avoid this embarrassing situation, make sure to practice tying it even before wearing it in public.

Also, choose the right outfit and fit; if everything matches nicely, that’s half of the battle won!

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