5 Reasons Why Bras Clasp In The Back (Not The Front)

Bras are a interesting and functional design, created in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacobs. But why did she create the clasp in the back of the bra? As most bras have the clasp at the back and not the front.

Here Is Why Bra Clasps In The Back:

Bras have a clasp in the back to be able to:
Place more hooks there (compared to what you could put on the front of a bra)
Give more breast support
To be easily adjusted if needed
To make the bra more aesthetically pleasing to the eye
It is a all around better design

We have researched this topic thoroughly, and the above five reasons to give you all of the answers concerning bra clasps and why they are needed on bras. Thank you for reading.

Reasons Why Bras Clasp In The Back

To Be Able To Place More Hooks

One of the biggest support mechanisms in a bra is the line of hooks at the back because these allow you to make the bra as tight or loose as you need it in order to be comfortable.

The back strap of a bra has plenty of space for multiple hooks, which gives you the freedom to have the bra as tight as you like. If you require further hooks, they can easily be placed at the back alongside the others.

Though bras that clasp in the front are steadily becoming more popular, they are nowhere near as common as bras that clasp in the back because they aren’t as easy to fit.

If you need your bra clasped more tightly, there is no space to place an extra hook at the front to achieve this. As a result, you’ll end up wearing a bra that is less comfortable and supportive than it should be.

To Give More Support

Support is the number one thing that any woman looks for when buying a bra, and having the bra clasp in the back increases this feeling of support.

The center gore on a back-closing bra, which is the section that sits between the breasts, tends to be stronger and sturdier than the gore on a front-closing bra. In fact, front-closing bras can be uncomfortable because having the clasp between your breasts tends to pull them closer together, providing less room for adequate support.

A bra with a clasp in the back will tighten the band of your bra, bring the straps against your shoulders and keep the cups in place throughout the day.

This level of security will provide plenty of support for both your breasts and your back, especially if you have a larger cup size. The number of hooks on your bra will typically increase with your cup size, so women with heavy breasts are guaranteed better support than they would get with a bra that just has one clasp at the front.

Back-closing bras also have taller backs, which provides additional support. If you sometimes find that the band and straps of your bra are making your skin bulge, you likely need a bra with a taller back. Bras that clasp in the back provide this ‘smoothing’ that helps to smooth out your skin and prevent the bra from digging into your skin and causing discomfort.

So That They Are Able To Be Adjusted

Bras that clasp in the front have the clasp located between the breasts, so there is usually only space for one hook. However, this presents problems when the bra doesn’t fit you just right because you won’t be able to tighten or loosen the bra to make it right.

And though having to clasp your bra at the back can be a little tricky, you’ll find the fact that you can easily adjust a back-closing bra so much more convenient.

Most bras that clasp in the back have three separate hooks that you can then adjust your bra between, as well as adjusters on the shoulder straps that can be slid up or down. You don’t want your bra to be so tight that it leaves marks, but you also don’t want it to be so loose that it isn’t supportive enough, so try out the adjustable sizes to see which is the most comfortable.

Bra shopping can be difficult when you’re searching for the perfect fit. This becomes even more difficult if you’re not looking at back-closing bras that will allow you to adjust them to suit your individual preferences. Remember, if you feel secure in your bra, you won’t even remember that you’re wearing one!

It Makes The Look Of The Bra More Aesthetically Pleasing

All bras come in different colors and patterns, but the clasp between the breasts is obviously one of the main visual features of a front-closing bra. This tends to make back-closing bras more aesthetically appealing because the clasps are hidden at the back. This means that the front of the bra can be styled to look much nicer, with the practical aspects kept at the back.

Back-closing bras are not designed around their clasps, which means that there is a lot more freedom for designers to apply different patterns. The more aesthetically pleasing the bra, the more likely it is that you’ll want to wear it, especially if it looks good under your outfit. One of the best feelings while wearing a bra is knowing that it also looks good, which will give you more confidence.

Better design

Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find a good bra that will keep them supported and comfortable throughout the day. Bras that clasp in the back have a better design for this because the back clasps won’t squash your breasts together when you close them. The clasps will tighten the bra to your body, but it will stay secured in the position that you choose.

Stretching can also be a problem for bras, but a lot more so with front-closing bras. This is because they only have one hook at the front, so when the band starts to stretch from wear, you won’t be able to adjust the bra to fit more tightly and it will start to sag. Once your bra doesn’t adequately fit your body and support your breasts due to misshaping, you’ll need to replace it.

Bras that clasp in the back have a better design that makes for long-lasting bras that can continuously be adjusted every time you wear them. There is also the benefit that a lot of different clothing items tend to be designed to fit a back-closing bra, and there are also more back-closing bras on the market for you to choose between for different outfits.

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