5 Reasons Why Baseball Caps Have a Hole In The Back

Baseball caps are the most popular hat in the world today, and with both men and women! This is because you can wear this hat casually day to day. But have you ever wondered why Baseball Caps have a hole in the back?

Here Is Why Baseball Caps Have A Hole In The Back:

Baseball caps are very unique in their design, but there are different reasons why they have a hole in the back, this includes:
Ventilation: letting the air in to your scalp
Keeping your pony tail in place
Makes the baseball cap adjustable at the back
Keeps your head cool
Design feature of the hat

If you want to know more about the back of the baseball cap we have given great explanations below, which will answer everything you need to know on this topic.

The Reason Behind The Hole At The Back Of The Cap

Caps have become an essential accessory for styling. It acts as an evergreen fashion accessory. People are often found to wear different types of caps on different occasions. Mostly caps suit well with casual apparel. The most noticeable caps that lie in the trend are baseball caps. Baseball caps are fashionable unisex caps.

They are classic caps suited for all occasions. Nowadays different types of baseball caps are available which are well acquainted with a trendy touch. Baseball caps have always been in trend. In the year 1860, Brooklyn Excelsior was the first to wear these baseball caps. Back then it was known as the “Brooklyn-style”.


The most significant reason for the hole is to provide ventilation. Ventilation is the process of passing the compressed air to the outside space and letting the outside air enter the inside space.

This process helps to force out the inner hot air to escape and allows the outer relatively cool air inside the cap. It helps to pass air inside and outside the cap. This further prevents sweat accumulation inside the cap as the hot air escapes through the hole. It gives a cooling sensation and keeps the head cool.

Since it passes air in and out of the cap, it can eventually keep the body temperature regulated and helps in maintaining a lower body temperature. Eyelet is a significant part of the cap. The main purpose of the eyelet or the hole is to pass the air. It passes air inside to outside the cap and vice-versa.

Sometimes eyelets are covered up by threads to serve the purpose. Threads are very thin materials which can act as a protection against the harsh and harmful material present in the environment.

Ponytail For Long Hair

A cap tends to ruin one’s hairstyle often. It is worn on the head so whenever it is taken off it tends to pull off the hairs. Now those who have short hair do not face much of this issue but anyone with long hair is likely to face problems while wearing a baseball cap.

The most common and simple hairstyle found is a ponytail. Most girls consider this to be a go-to hairstyle. If a girl wears a cap above her ponytail it will appear messy. Moreover, it will create a bulged appearance and whenever the cap will be taken off it will pull off the whole ponytail making it messy.

Baseball caps provide a solution to fix this ponytail. Girls with long hair can adjust their ponytails through the hole. It becomes difficult for a girl to wear a cap with a ponytail. In the case of a baseball cap, she can fix the ponytail by passing it through the hole of the cap. So, it gets adjusted there.

Adjust The Size Of The Cap

Baseball caps are designed to fit comfortably. It’s a type of soft cap with a stiffened, long and curved peak. These are unisex caps and thus can be worn by children, men and women. Baseball caps are commonly designed for the youth but aged people are also found to wear these caps.

Many baseball caps come with a designed logo on the front side. The back side of the cap often comes with an adjuster. This adjuster is either made of elastic material, plastic or Velcro. The adjuster is quite easy to use. It helps to fit the cap according to convenience in no time. The rear side of the baseball cap deals with the adjuster. It has a hole or a gap there just above the adjuster. It also acts as an adjuster which helps quickly fit the cap in accordance with the wearer’s head

Keeps Your Head Cool

The hole provides ventilation which in turn passes heat outside the cap. This further provides a cooling sensation and keeps the head cool for a longer period of time.

The visor part of a baseball cap is also known as the brim or bill. It is the extended part of the cap on the front side. It protects the entire face from the sun. Brim includes two parts, the top and the bottom part. Polyester, brushed cotton or T/C cotton twill fabric is used in the top and bottom parts.

The inner portion of the brim is made up of plastic most commonly and is known as the peak. The brim is found in different shapes and sizes. Two types of the visor are commonly seen. One is the flat visor and the other one is the curved visor. It also blocks sun rays from the eyes. Exposure to harmful sun rays causes cancer thus caps also prevent skin cancer. It also saves from the heat in the summer season. It prevents the face and head from severe sunburns

A Design Feature Of The Baseball Cap

Baseball caps add a cool touch to the entire outfit. Baseball caps always add an effortless touch to the attire, presenting an overall cool and casual look. It is found that the best suites baseball caps sometimes elevate the feel of one’s outfit. It gives a complete finish to the look.

It is a very simple accessory yet gives a confident look. It goes well both as a fashion accessory as well as a fashion statement. A cap held the wearer’s head high. A baseball cap is sewn in different sections. There are commonly five or six sections of it. Depending on the number of sections, a baseball cap is categorised into two types.

The first one is the six-panel baseball cap which is sewn in six sections and the second one is the five-panel baseball cap which is sewn in five sections respectively. The most significant part, the hole or the eyelet is often made up of metal. There is sometimes more than one eyelet found in a cap. These eyelets add up as a design element to the cap.

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