5 Common Problems With Underwear Falling Down (Plus Fix)

Every pair of underwear is different whether it is the design, fabric and feel of the material. What happens though if you purchase a pair and it keeps falling down?

Here Are The Common Problems With Underwear Falling Down:

If you have had a pair of underwear and it falls down it is normally due to:
Incorrect Size That You Have Bought
The Fabric Is Not right
The Elastic has stretched
You have worn out the underwear
Different cut and style of the underwear

We have researched this issue thoroughly and have listed the 5 common reasons why underwear falls down. We have also listed some really easy checks you can complete when on the hunt for a new pair of undies, so this issue doesn’t happen to you in the future! Thanks for reading.

Common Problems With Underwear Falling Down

Size Issue

The most common cause of having underwear that constantly falls down is wearing the wrong size. Underwear that is too big will not grasp the body, and will therefore not stay up. While your underwear should never be so tight that it leaves imprints on your skin, or digs into your flesh, it should still fit snugly.

If your underwear is actually rolling down, rather than falling down, then you most likely have the opposite problem – your underwear is too tight and you most likely need to go up a size.

Underwear that is too tight isn’t just uncomfortable in the short term. In the long term, constantly stretching elastic to its limit will affect its ability to return to its normal size. This means that, over time, your too-small underwear will actually end up becoming too big.

The best way to make sure that you have the correct sized underwear is to measure yourself, and then check the measurements against the underwear. If you’re between sizes, then experts recommend choosing the larger one.

Of course, not all underwear has measurements on the tag. Another way is to simply pay attention to how your current underwear feels. If it’s on the firm side, then give the next size up a try. If it feels as though it’s a little loose, then try a size down.

Fabric Issue

Not all underwear fabrics are created equal. Silk and lace may look nice, but do they hold up?

Thinner fabrics, such as lace, don’t have as much staying power as thicker ones and are more likely to roll down. You’ll also find quite a few styles of lace underwear that don’t have waistbands, which make them more likely to slip down, as they don’t hug the body quite as well as those that do have a waistband.

Slipping down can also be a problem with silkier fabrics, such as silk and nylon, especially if the waistband is made from the same material.


Loose elastic is another common cause of underwear falling down. Every time elastic is stretched it loses a bit of its ability to snap back, which means that the elastic in your underwear gets slightly looser with every wear.

Heat will stretch out elastic even faster, so washing your underwear in hot water or putting it in the dryer will cause it to lose its elasticity quicker than usual.

Heat isn’t the only danger that washers and dryers present to underwear. Catching on the inside of the machine, or getting tangled up with other items of clothing, will also stretch out the elastic beyond what it’s intended for. The more often this happens, the quicker the elastic will start to become loose, and the more likely it is that your underwear will start falling down.

For underwear to stay up properly and fit well, there also needs to be some elasticity to the material itself. While this allows for a comfortable fit, it also means that it won’t just be the waistband that loosens over time, but rather the whole garment.

Excessive Wear

Underwear is designed to be worn slightly stretched. If you buy underwear that fits you without any stretch, then they will likely fall down, as it’s the tautness caused by the stretching that allows them to hug your body and stay in place.

However, this means that your underwear is stretching a little more each time that you wear them, and this means that the more often you wear them, the looser they get.

They’ll also stretch more the longer that you wear them. Wearing them for longer than one day at a time could even cause them to stretch enough to fall down. Which is a good enough reason on its own to change your underwear daily!

Cut And Style

Our bodies are different shapes and sizes, so we can’t expect the one style of underwear to fit us all the same. If your underwear is constantly falling down, then your problem could be that the cut and style simply aren’t right for you.

If you don’t have a completely flat stomach, then the rise of the underwear might be your problem. Mid-rise underwear will likely fall or roll down to the hips, and while they might fit you around the middle, once they’re around your hips, they’re going to be too large. If this is your problem, then try either a higher rise or a super low rise.

A higher rise will be held up by the natural curve of your waist, while a low rise will sit below the stomach, and be snug around the hips. A wider waistband may also help to keep your underwear in place, but beware – if the rise isn’t right then a wider waistband will be more likely to roll down than a narrower one.

Another part of the body to consider when choosing cut and style, is the bottom. Having a flat bottom can lead to underwear falling down, as there’s simply not enough flesh to hold them up. Again, a wider waistband can help as it means a larger area of the underwear is slightly tighter and will therefore grip the flesh better. A higher cut in the back, or even a thong, can also help to get rid of any sagginess in the back of the underwear.

What Can I Do To Avoid Underwear Falling Down In The Future

Use Lingerie Bag While Washing

While it’s often recommended that you hand wash your underwear, this can be time-consuming and doesn’t always feel as effective as washing clothes in a machine. In most cases, the recommendation is only there because underwear is delicate and easily damaged. Using a Lingerie Bag will protect the underwear, while still allowing you the reassurance of knowing they’ve been properly cleaned.

A Lingerie Bag will keep the underwear from catching on the washing machine or other items of clothing, which will help them to keep their shape for longer, and keep them from being prematurely overstretched.

A Lingerie Bag can also be used in the dryer, and will again keep your underwear from catching on anything.

What a Lingerie Bag can’t do, however, is protect your underwear from the damage caused by heat, so consider washing them in water that is either cold or warm, rather than hot. And if you do want to put them in the dryer, only do so if the dryer has an option for a cooler setting.

Look For A Different Fabric

While you may prefer the look and feel of silk and lace, when it comes to staying up, cotton underwear is more often than not the winner. Cotton tends to be sturdier and grasps the skin better than other fabrics.

However, you may find that underwear that is made from 100% cotton tends to lose its shape quickly and starts to sag as the day goes on. Cotton that is mixed with a bit of spandex will allow the underwear to stretch without losing its shape, and will also help it to hug your body better.

Check The Elastic On The Underwear

We don’t always want to wear cotton underwear. As practical as cotton is, it also tends to look practical, no matter how much the manufacturer tries to pretty it up. Some days, we just want some lace or silk underwear to make us feel nice.

The good news is, there is plenty of underwear made of silk, lace, and all manner of fabrics that will both look nice and stay up. The key is in the elastic.

An elastic waistband is an absolute must if you want your underwear to stay up (and who doesn’t?). A good elastic waistband should stretch easily, but should also be slightly taut, and should bounce back quickly when let go. The wider the waistband, the better it will hold, but this doesn’t necessarily mean a narrower waistband won’t hold. If the fit is good and the style is right for your body shape, then a good elastic waistband should your underwear up whether it’s wide or narrow.

But buying underwear isn’t the only time to check the elastic. Since elastic tends to wear out over time, it’s a good idea to check the elastic of your underwear before you put it on, to ensure it’s retaining its stretch. You can usually pick overstretched elastic by sight as it quite obviously loses its shape.

However, it never hurts to test it by pulling on it to check its tightness and whether it snaps back. After all, overstretched elastic won’t hug the body, and they will fall down. Better to check them before putting them on than to discover they’re too loose as you’re walking down the street!

So remember, to avoid an embarrassing moment – replace your underwear when it starts to wear out, ensure you have the right fit, choose a cut and style that is right for you, and maybe test drive your silk and lace underwear before wearing it in public.

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