Bamboo Socks Pros And Cons (Explained)

With so many different types of socks out there, it can be confusing to know which ones to buy. If you have heard of Bamboo socks or worn them you would have a idea of why people love them.

Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Socks Revealed:

There are more positives when it comes to a pair of Bamboo Socks than negatives. Bamboo socks have a good review because:
They keep your feet healthy
Are absorbant
Eco Friendly
Resist Bacteria

If you want to know the ins and outs of Bamboo sock, and why you should or shouldn’t buy a pair then we have listed the pros and cons below for you to read. Thank you.

Pros of Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks are the answer for keeping feet healthy. Bamboo is a natural and environmentally friendly option that will provide many benefits.

Tests have shown that bamboo fiber is up to four times more absorbent than cotton and improves airflow around the feet. If you have health problems causing your feet to burn, try Bamboo Health Socks for relief from pain and burning often suffered by diabetics and are chemical-free.

Walking clubs are now recommending Bamboo Socks for long-distance walks like Kokoda Track and Camino Way, where you need to be well prepared for rough terrain.

The socks can be worn and thrown away after use as they are biodegradable. However, the main point is that they keep the feet in the best possible condition during the walk. The main reason that the bamboo socks are recommended for these epic walks is that they are soft and gentle to the feet, and also resist bacteria which can be a problem, especially in the steamy conditions of the Kokoda Track.

Bamboo Socks Are Healthy

One of the main advantages of using bamboo is that it grows quickly. An Indian study showed that it had antibacterial agents that works against the positive and negative germs (bacteria).

This makes it a great sock for work wear, as the wearer won’t get rashes and bacterial infections that can occur in hot weather, on the feet. Bamboo socks regulate the temperature, keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Bamboo fiber does not contain chemicals, and that is why it is safe for diabetic patients.

Bamboo Socks Are Absorbent

Bamboo socks are highly absorbent, and after you have worn them all day they don’t feel damp when you try to pull them off the feet. Long distance runners prefer them, as they cushion the feet, and prevent serious foot odor often complained of by those who run distances.

If you have teenage boys with sneakers, purchase bamboo socks for them to wear, as the socks stay much fresher than cotton socks, mainly due to the fact that bacteria don’t proliferate in Bamboo.

Bamboo Is Eco Friendly

Different and new technologies now allow for bamboo to be used in a wide range of clothing, including socks. bamboo is a cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo.

The viscose extracted from bamboo is promoted as having environmental advantages, bamboo crops are often grown on poor land unsuitable for forestry. In the 1990s bamboo started to become popular for clothing in China. More recently the U.S. Trade Commission ruled that the yarn had to be made directly with Bamboo fiber or it can’t be called bamboo. One of the main advantages of using bamboo is that it grows quickly.

Bamboo Is Breathable

If you suffer from diabetes or other foot conditions you will need bamboo socks so that the air can get to your feet and aid your circulation.

It has been shown that Diabetics are susceptible to different foot problems including ulcers, blisters and cracked heels. So wearing a pair of bamboo socks will help these issues by letting the skin heal as the bamboo in the sock is more open compared to wool and cotton.

The recommended socks don’t have a seam, and because they are very soft they don’t leave any marks on the legs and feet. Part of good diabetic foot health is to keep your blood sugars under control, and if you have any foot problems see your doctor for further testing. The recommended bamboo socks will help prevent further damage to the feet.

Bamboo Resists Bacteria

Bamboo Fabric retains some antibacterial properties of the original plant, and as mentioned an Indian study showed enduring anti-bacterial activities that could explain why bamboo socks appear to eliminate foot odor in joggers.

Many joggers swear by their new bamboo socks and say that it has revolutionized their running routine, as their feet are much more comfortable. Bamboo socks also repel fungal infections common in joggers.

Bamboo As A Biodegradable And Highly Sustainable Material

Harvesting Bamboo once the crop is established is easy, as it grows in much the same way as grass, and does not need replanting. The regrowth is often strong and vigorous, with a better crop next year. Bamboo uses a lot of water but does not need chemicals, and in some countries, the shoots are eaten as part of the diet.

Once the socks are made, they can be worn for a couple of years, and when they are ready to be discarded they can be composted as they are 100% biodegradable, making bamboo a highly sustainable crop.

How Do Bamboo Socks Eliminate Moisture?

The socks are highly absorbent and wick the moisture out of the socks keeping the feet dry and comfortable. Keeping feet dry in a humid climate has been a problem for many, and when you purchase your bamboo socks the moisture won’t be a problem anymore. This happens because the fibers in the bamboo are hollow allowing much more absorption of moisture to occur.

Are Bamboo Socks Suitable For Children?

Yes, they are soft cushioning and protective socks, that reduce friction in the shoes, and are good for children to wear, as they run around all day, and we want them to be comfortable.

Should Older People Wear Bamboo Socks?

Older people often have problem feet, and they will be a lot more comfortable when given bamboo socks. The bamboo is really warm in winter and cool and breathable in summer. The price is also right, as older people are often concerned about spending money and bamboo socks are not expensive.

I Have Circulation Problems And Wear Compression Stockings, Can I Wear Bamboo Socks Over Them?

Yes, in fact, they are ideal for wearing over compression stockings. If you are going on a long-haul flight put the compression stockings on first, and then the bamboo socks over the top to keep you warm during the flight. In fact, some of the airways are giving out small gift packs containing a face mask, toothbrush, and bamboo socks to all travelers so they stay comfortable overnight and avoid circulatory issues.

Can I Sleep In Bamboo Socks To Stay Warm?

Yes, bamboo socks make the perfect bed socks, as they are so soft. Some people’s circulation is so poor that the feet never feel warm and should be kept warm with socks at night. When visiting older family members in the nursing home, bamboo socks make the perfect gift.

I Have Lost All Feeling In My Toes Should I Wear Wool Or Bamboo Socks?

Once we would have said wool, but bamboo socks are a better choice as wool remains warm all the time, while bamboo is thermal regulating, and when you can no longer feel your toes bamboo remains a better choice for foot health. Get a health professional to check your toes every week for pressure areas, as lack of feeling is a symptom of poor circulation.

Cons Of Bamboo Socks

Many tradesmen are now wearing bamboo socks, and some complained that they are not easy to launder and get little round pilling effects.

A neighbour advised that she had overcome this problem by washing the socks in a small laundry bag ( usually reserved for women’s underwear), and using this technique had eliminated the pilling effect on her husband’s socks. So try this tip, as a lot of the washing machines are far from gentle.

Not Good at Blocking UV Rays?

This statement is not true as bamboo has the unique quality of being resistant to harmful UV rays. There is no other natural fiber used for textiles that does this in the same and complete way that bamboo has of keeping the harmful rays away. Ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, come from our sun.

As part of the sun’s energy, UV rays are also emitted by other sources, however. artificial tanning lamps and electric arc lamps also emit UV rays, so it is not just the sun that can harm our skin.

The Pilling Issue

It is said that pilling can occur with Bamboo socks more than other types including wool and cotton.

When washing your bamboo socks use a PH-neutral detergent and a gentle wash cycle, this will give an even wash, and pilling won’t occur.

If you wash them gently after every wear the piling won’t happen.

Do Bamboo Socks Require More Care Than Washing Other Fabrics?

• In washing the socks, use cold to warm water around 60 degrees Celsius. It is also highly recommended to use a gentle detergent in washing the socks. Strictly no chlorine bleach. Using these on your white bamboo sports socks will lead to yellowing that will eventually ruin them.
• Don’t put your socks in the dryer, as it could shrink them, due to the fact that they are a natural fiber. Hang them where the air can circulate around them.

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