Are Long Johns Considered Underwear? (All Explained)

Long johns are great a alterative piece of underwear, but with the bonus of keeping you warm when you are out in the cold. But are they considered actual underwear?

Here Is Why Long Johns Are Considered Underwear:

Long johns are considered underwear, as many people wear a pair of long johns without any underwear at all. Long johns are a undergarment so they are worn under your clothing, so this is classified as underwear.

The best fabrics in long johns to be worn without underwear are:

Wool, Stretch Knit or Polyester materials.

Below we will be discussing how people wear long johns, about they being a alternative to underwear, and what fabrics are the best to choose from when looking for a new pair.

How Do People Wear Long Johns?

Long johns are made from thermal knit, similar to thermal underwear.

They are sold in different lengths and sizes. They tend to be high-waisted and close-fitting below the waist or hips. The body part could be one whole piece or a pair of pants with a top attached with zips or buttons.

If the zips or buttons are at the waistline level, they will generally be situated at appropriate angles to each other so they can form a cross over the stomach area and back. The pants would be symmetrically oriented so that they can be worn inside or outside. That means that the front and rear of the pants will be different lengths.

The outer layer is a double layer of cotton and wool blended fabric. The shorts are made of wool and elasticized to fit as tightly as possible around the legs (like Bermuda shorts). The thermal part is made from nylon with a polyester lining.

Long johns can be worn while swimming or diving, although this is unwise because they will increase the drag on your body. If you wear them under your clothes, it is unlikely that anyone will notice when you are swimming or diving.

However, wearing them on top of your clothing makes them pretty noticeable. The outer layer tends to become extremely heavy when it gets wet, and there is a risk that it will pull you down and drown you — especially if it gets caught by two surfaces simultaneously on the sides of your body.

Long johns are generally worn by actively participating in winter sports such as cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, or just plain old walking outdoors when it is cold. In reality, they were invented for this purpose: to protect from the elements while active outdoors in winter.

Long johns can be worn separately from other clothes. In this case, the long johns tend to be black or dark blue, made of a wool blend fabric, and are worn as an outer layer under street clothes.

Long johns can also be worn with other clothing items, such as sweaters and jackets — even down to your underwear. Note that although sweaters tend to be tight-fitting, they are not skin tight, and there is generally space between them and other clothing layers. If this space is used as a layer for long Johns, then it is unlikely that anyone will notice them unless you wear them on top of your other clothing layers.

Are Long Johns Worn With Or Without Underwear?

Many people do not know that long johns are often worn without underwear.

Ladies may prefer to wear their underwear with them, often bikini-style panties or panties that are rather sheer. Men usually find it comfortable and more enjoyable to feel the cold air on their genitals when wearing this type of clothing.

Some people wear long johns without underwear, which can make your loose clothing baggy and feel heavy. There is no need for an additional fabric around your legs and crotch, as you are likely wearing a shirt or other top that will cover up anything that may show through. If you are not wearing regular socks or shoes with the long johns, this could be why they do not feel like they are staying on your foot.

Others wear them under their underwear, making the long johns uncomfortable or even causing chafing. If you have active pursuits, such as skiing or snowboarding, you will want to wear them inside to move freely and keep warm.

Only you can tell how to wear them by trying them out yourself. Looking at a description of what you should expect may help, however.

If you wear them without underwear, most say the legs should be long enough to reach mid-calf, and the crotch area rides well above your waistband. The waistband should be on the lower part of your stomach and not cause discomfort. These are one of the most important things to look for when trying them on before buying.

If you decide to wear them under your underwear, you want a shirt that will not ride up and expose skin that could otherwise be covered. With these, it is permissible for the legs to be shorter than if you were wearing them over underwear, say a few inches above the knee. You will also want to try them out before purchasing to ensure that the waistband does not roll down after prolonged use or while you are moving actively.

No matter how you wear them, ensure they are comfortable and not irritating. If a seam is rubbing against you, discontinue wearing them until they can be repaired. They should not ride up in the crotch area while walking short distances, but if they do, it may be due to your clothing choices or your weight. If the waistband rolls down while sitting or lying down, try a smaller size or move up one size.

It is possible to wear various clothing items with long johns designed for men and women, such as shirts, trousers, shorts, and skirts. They are great for any time extra warmth is needed and provide an extra layer of defense against the wind and cold. You can wear them under a rain shell or at the grocery store.

Whatever you plan to do in them, it is crucial that you feel good while wearing them and that they will not cause chafing or other discomforts. Try on different sizes until you find one that fits your body type comfortably without being too tight.

If I Wear A Pair Of Long Johns Without Underwear, What Is The Best Fabric?

Long John underwear has two layers, which pull the waist and leg in and hold everything in place. Three main fabrics are used to make long johns: 100 percent wool, cotton stretch knit, or a combination of wool or polyester or spandex. The best fabric for long johns is 100% wool as it is:


Able to maintain its temperature without any unwanted heat retention

It can be dyed or washed successfully without the production of lanolin and is non-allergenic (due to the natural oils present in sheep)

It can often, with wear

It is absorbent due to its high water-holding capability, high cellulose content, and durability. It should be noted that wool comes in different weight grades. A higher weight due to the finer fibers can be used for a more absorbent garment.

Due to their temperature resistance, Long Johns made from 100% wool are considered the best option for winter use. The 100% wool versions provide additional warmth because of their natural insulating properties. Wool can retain up to an additional 1 degree Fahrenheit over a cotton garment

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