5 Amazon Return Policies For Underwear (Explained)

Have you bought from Amazon and wondered how to go about returning a item? Especially a pair of knickers or boxer briefs. Amazon does have return policies in place for returning underwear.

Here Are 5 Main Amazon Return Policies For Underwear:

If you wanting to return a pair of underwear to Amazon for a refund or replacement there are some factors you must keep in mind these are:

You must return the underwear with the tags left on
The underwear must be in “new condition” and not be used or worn
You must not wash the underwear
The item must be returned in the original packaging that it was sent to you in
The return must be sent back within 30 days of purchase

If you want to know further details so you can check that you can get that refund or exchange please read the steps below you need to follow. Thanks for reading.

Ways You Can Return Underwear To Amazon For A Refund Or Exchange:

Return With Tags On Underwear

Amazon has a policy allowing you to return or exchange your underwear with tags. No receipt needed, no questions asked. It is called the “no-questions-asked” return policy, which means you can send back underwear that still has the tags attached if it was purchased within the last 30 days and still have Amazon refund your entire purchase price, or send out a new one for free!

The return policy is good for up to seven days post-purchase but is not valid on underwear worn or with a defect such as stains or holes.

To do this, go to the Returns Center in two easy steps:

1) Visit your Amazon account and click “Return Items” at the top of your orders page;

2) From there, you can initiate a return request by selecting “Underwear withTags” from the drop-down menu and clicking “Return.”

You can print a pre-paid shipping label that can be used to send your underwear back for a refund or a full refund, minus standard shipping and handling charges.

What happens after that is up to Amazon. The retailer will contact you within 15 days to arrange a time to pick up your underwear.

That is a great way to save money without having to mail items at all, so for every pair of underpants you buy from Amazon, make sure you stick them in their bag and tie them down tight with some tape so they do not get tangled up during their journey.

That way, you will be assured that your goods will reach their destination undamaged and intact.

Return Unused

You have a 30-day return policy with Amazon, but if you order online or have returned something in the past five years (or more), you may not be eligible for a refund or exchange. You should contact customer service for more information.

The return policy of underwear is different from other clothing items since the separate clothes can loosen at any point during wear, reducing their effectiveness when worn by themselves in everyday life. In these cases, returns are not accepted by Amazon.

You can only return your unused purchase if the following circumstances apply:

The Underwear item was damaged upon receipt. You are expected to send a photo of the damaged underwear to customer service. That can be done using the “Contact Us” form on Amazon. All other conditions should be met for your case to qualify for a refund or replacement.

It is really up to you (and Amazon) if you want to test how long it will take for a customer service representative to respond and whether they will reject your case based on these guidelines. It is also unclear whether you can return your order after 30 days. If you are eligible for a refund, then Amazon will issue your refund via the form of payment initially used to buy underwear.

No Washing

To return the underwear without washing them, first, use clear packing tape, cover the model number on the waistband of the underwear, and place a return sticker over it.

Then place them in a plastic bag with no markings on the outside, enclose that inside another bag with no markings on it, and seal up both bags and ship. Amazon will give you back a refund or exchange for an incorrect size or defective product. Remember that you cannot return underwear if worn or laundered.

If you are returning it without washing, just put the underwear in a plastic bag, and seal the bag with tape, so nothing leaks out. You might want to put a note outside the package with your name, customer ID, and what size you need. Attach one or two copies of your packing slip to the outside of the bag with packing tape, so that customer service knows which order number goes with which return later.

Return In Original Packaging

If you are unsatisfied with your underwear purchase, you can return it in its original packaging with tags intact to Amazon.com for either a refund or an exchange. If the product is exchanged, the replacement item becomes your property, and the returned item becomes Amazon’s property.

Refunds are expected to be processed within two business days of receipt of the return package and are only available for underwear purchased through Amazon.com. Refunds will be issued under their returns policy.

Returns are expected to be shipped, by the customer, to the address provided by Amazon. They recommend that you insure your package for safe return to Amazon. They will refund your original purchase price if your shipment is not received within 30 days. All underwear returns should be sent with a trackable method (such as UPS or FedEx).

Products are subject to inspection upon return. The returned items will not be accepted if they are not in an acceptable condition and may be sent back to you. Amazon reserves the right to refuse any return that arrives in an unsatisfactory condition or is not in its original packaging.

Return Within 30 Days Of Purchase

Amazon has a no-questions-asked return policy and will refund or exchange your item from the day you purchased it. If you wish to benefit from such an offer, return the undergarments within 30 days of your purchase date, and Amazon will be happy to turn their money around. It is impractical to return underwear that has been worn, so if you need a new pair, something will likely happen with them every day.

If your purchase was eligible for quicker returns and fulfilled by Amazon, get your refund within one day after returning the product.

On the other hand, if your product was not fulfilled by Amazon and another vendor, you will have to wait a few days after returning your item. Also, Amazon is known to be strict with its returns policies and often appeals to fans’ sentiments of fairness when the company finds a product that does not pass quality checks.

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